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Whitaker is the owner of the gun shop in Dead Center and appears up on the roof.

Mr Whitaker

He Is a white male who has a grenade launcher and/or a rocket launcher. It is unknown if he is immune or not but there are many theories on him.

Theory 1. The first theory is that Whitaker was killed by an infected and here is some evidence:

  • Loud banging and zombie sounds can be heard from his mic.
Whitakers gun shop

Store Sign

  • The Survivors gave him cola which could have infected him because they may have been carriers and they had killed infected.

Theory 2. He was immune and survived.

  • He was never confirmed to be the fallen survivor

Whitaker was helped by the survivors because he needed cola he made a deal that if they got him cola then he would clear the path to Liberty Mall for them.

Whitaker's Cola, The Cola name that appears in this image is "Cola Time"

He was the owner of the gun shop and is fortified on the roof.


Whitaker's Gun shop.

Whitaker blog

Whitaker Appearing in A TF2 Items Post.

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