Today Valve has revealed the fifth and maybe the last melee weapon, the Cricket Bat! I'm still not sure how many melee weapons there will be, some say there will be only 5, and some say 10.

Fryingpan range

A frying pan found inside the kitchen in The Parish.

10 is a little impossible since in Left 4 Dead 1 there were already 10 weapons as Valve labeled it on their page, and in Left 4 Dead 2 we already have a new pistol.

We still don't know how each melee weapon is more effective than the other, but we can pretty much say they make a different if Valve revealed 2 different bats.

Remember the Frying Pan from the teaser? Well, according to beta footages it is found in a kitchen, now with the Cricket Bat it could mean that the Survivors will pass through a cricket field.

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