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  • Zikkun

    Hey there, we got some news regreding the Left 4 Dead 2 boycotting group, and no, they didn't win YET. ;D

    2 days ago on 20th July 2009, GameSpy has decided to release their private contents about Left 4 Dead 2, they gave us a lot of information about the new "mud-men", which is like a campaign exclusive Infected or how everyone calls it "Uncommon Common Infected" for Swamp Fever, just like how the Hazmet-suited Infected come only in The Parish.

    We also got new information about the new items, there's the Adrenaline Injector. Yeah... you heard me, injector. ._.

    Nick. "Injector here! Better inject everything I can."

    It allows a Survivor to get an "adrenaline rush" for couple of seconds, while used the Survivor can start running at normal even if…

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  • Zikkun

    How does three unrelated words end up being together? This week we'll be talking a little about Valve making more money, RAWRRRRR boycotting and racism related to the upcoming game Left 4 Dead 2.


    So, are we really racist regrading Left 4 Dead? I've recently read an article in GamePolitics about racism in gaming, apparently the fact that the Survivors will have to fight black people doesn't make them happy. Yesterday I was undoing an edit on Louis' page I saw saying something like "In Versus Mode all Infected attack Louis before the others.". That was just racist in my opinion.

    Louis. "Pills here!"

    Other than Louis, we also have Coach and Rochelle in Left 4 Dead 2 and some people say that they don't look fun to play with, I think we sho…

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  • Zikkun

    As Valve announced yesterday their second unveiled campaign, Swamp Fever, according to they also announced that it will be fully playable in Demo mode coming up THIS month only in Comic Con, though The Parish won't be featured there, so don't expect us to get the other unknown chapters.

    San Diego Comic Con will take place from 23rd July to 26th July 2009 this year, sadly... it's pretty much sold out already, but you can expect websites to get their hands on the 5 chapters of Swamp Fever that we'll be seeing along with a small number of the 20 "new-items" we haven't seen yet, and possibility the Chainsaw.

    Swamp Fever. Heh, and you thought Left 4 Dead 2 wouldn't be scary.

    Other than that, Valve announced that Left 4 Dead will be having an…

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  • Zikkun

    Today Valve has revealed the fifth and maybe the last melee weapon, the Cricket Bat! I'm still not sure how many melee weapons there will be, some say there will be only 5, and some say 10. .]]10 is a little impossible since in Left 4 Dead 1 there were already 10 weapons as Valve labeled it on their page, and in Left 4 Dead 2 we already have a new pistol.

    We still don't know how each melee weapon is more effective than the other, but we can pretty much say they make a different if Valve revealed 2 different bats.

    Remember the Frying Pan from the teaser? Well, according to beta footages it is found in a kitchen, now with the Cricket Bat it could mean that the Survivors will pass through a cricket field.

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