• Tsukoyomeh

    I put them in "The Concert" chapter.... so cool!!!

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  • Tsukoyomeh

    Molotovs  - Hazmat Infected

    Pipe bombs - Construction worker infected

    Bile Bomb -??????

    the 2 UCI here has an advantage to the molotov and pipebomb,,, but what about for bile bomb??

    my UCI idea is a special police(or riot police) that has armor ,,but its armor is surrounded by blades or thorns...when a survivor is near or meleeing it..they will take damage....useful for those survivor-users who always abuse the melee method...

    Advantages on the armor:

    the user can't be constricted by the smoker... the tongue will be cut off easily because of the blades(thorns) on the armor..

    the user can be pounced by the hunter but.... when they pounce them,,, they will be killed on the blades(thorns) on the armor..

    the witch will get damage if she attacks or her…

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  • Tsukoyomeh

    I thought of having a uncommon infected that has armor of blades. when a survivor is trying to melee this infected, they will take some damage because of the blades...     Because they have armor,, they can't be killed by shooting in the body but they can be killed by headshot ...


      like the riot police, they are protecting civilians from the infected.. so that no hunter can pounce or a smoker can constrict while helping others,,, they put blades around the armor,,, and they can easily kill an infected just by meleeing them..

    SO,,,,WHAT DO YOU THINK?????

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  • Tsukoyomeh

    I'm so addicted to this game!!

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