• Shawty71

    Why Zombies are impossible

    September 13, 2010 by Shawty71

    I feel an uncanny sense of uncomfortableness in what I'm about to do. Analogous to a parent preparing to tell their child there is no Santa Claus. But I believe it is necessary that everyone know that the theoretical "Zombie" or "Undead" Scenario is completely impossible. Since L4D is actually about an infected rather than zombies, the events that occur are indeed possible, while still highly unlikely.

    The typical or "George A Romero" zombie scenario calls for a person who has died or is already dead to come back to life as a manic, soulless, flesh hungry/blood thirsty shell of a human that is slow-moving but resilient to the point that only cranial penetration (preferably with a bullet) can subdue it. Further, said zombie can thus spread t…

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