aka Junedude433

  • I live in A World Where Nothing Makes Sense
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is A Ninja
  • I am The Wiki's Fastest Rubik's Speedcuber
  • Shadowkiller168

    infected bird((playable)flys around survivors crappin on them which does damage and secondary peck attack)

    infected penguin((not playable)harmless, but if shot at either get bigger or multiply-if shot at too much it kills you or its so big it blocks off your way for a loooong time)

    new uncommon common-infected musician(has guitar,drum,etc. as a weapon and drops it on occaision allowing you to use it)


    melee - scimitar,drumstick,sledgehammer,longsword,club(not golf club)

    ability to dual weild SMGs

    ability to attach knife to gun-making you able to kill with melee but doesn't do much damage



    ump 45

    an actual auto shotgun(not semi auto)


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