I just got my hands on a copy of L4D2 and i was half amazed and half dissapointed. First off, they forgot to add the minor detail of looking down and seeing your feet like in the first L4D. Second, the bots are serious dumbasses.A charger charged me and was pummeling me and all the bots stood still and did nothing until i was incapped 0_0. Third, the campaigns seemed 10 times harder then in the first. My whole team of retarded bots and i died 5 times before we escaped and when we actually did win, my dumbass bots were all dead. There are some minor glitches like missing smoker animations, the whole screen can turn purple and green when exiting a campaign on single player,and tanks get stuck a lot as well. Does anyone think that Valve will notice all these glitches and fix them, or all hope is lost??? (DONT PLAY DARK CARNIVAL!!! I almost tore my hair out playing it on NORMAL)

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