Guys, I'm having a bit of an complaint about these blogs. They have some of the world's most stupidest comments, of course everyone do jokes. This, swearing gotten a little to far but I think it's OK to do like "". And people do one of the most annoying methods on the internet, spanning. I saw this blog titled ... , It was usless like the face of the world was blown off. The Poster wanted more people, search up the Blog right now and see my message. I see cruelity in some people's personality, I'm not a mind reader but some of you have gotten out of control, Keep on topic, Keep on topic I always say to myself. Don't make a reference of something, Don't think that you have power because, as us know that we are humans in real-life, we are completely helpless. Don't go on the internet and act like fifty-cent or something. Don't be a crazy individual wearing a strait suit on the internet. I just saying, Don't go too far. Its gone far enough, people are also vandalizing blogs and forums. Don't let them get you to your final straw. And if its nothing to deal with Left 4 Dead, go on the forums, not blogs. If its something related to Left 4 Dead, make blog. Don't be stupid on comments and wander off and go to another topic (e.g Halo 3 looks like Resident Evil. Comment: coool i just noticed too its like bioshock, did you know theres somethin called big daddy?), Don't be cool (e.g Yo! i gotta betta blog than Yo! go to my thang!) and check your spelling! (e.g A m8 I'll fix u up). So don't be stupid on my comments either, this is a serious conversation and yes we do have mistakes in life but is just gotten out  of hand.

Yes This blog is pointless but in the Left 4 Dead universe, I'm just saying and spreading the word.

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