This infected is a male zombie that act exactly like the witch. This infected is about 10 or 11 years old. If thats too racist against children then about 14 or 16. The wizard will have a school uniform on with ripped off sleeves with no shoes and ripped shorts with small amounts of blood everywhere except for the face.

His actions without encountering a survivor is crying like a witch (Only younger) and has an action similar to the cut infected the screamer.When he gets up which would be instantly, he starts panicking first looking to the sides of the survivor then behind himself, he turns back the survivor and screams, running to the wall behind him even if it was 9 miles. When shot in the leg by a pistol or any other weapons. He makes an amusing trip, he gets back up trying to run along the way. The he comes up to an object in the way, he'll just jump like normal. When shot in the leg by any weapons and when on low health that any weapon now can kill him instantly, he starts crawling, struggling to move/crawl with his left leg.

When he then reaches a wall, he starts jumping up, trying to climb but will die when he gets killed by a survivor.

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