Right. So we all know the Special Infected. But what if some of them had mutations other handn't. I came up with some here they are

Tank-Hulk legs-Tanks can now run when they have picked up a rock and trow them. Is slower when on 2 legs

Hunter-jumpy legs-the Hunter can now jump without crouching . This jump hasn't affect over the survivors. It's just an handy tool to escape.

Smoker-tounge tumor-when the smoker grabs someone with his tounge a certain amount of smoke appears,making it easier for the smoker to drag the survivor

Boomer-Fatty-tummy-the Boomer can now vomit farther and has a bigger explosions radius and the explosion can now move cars(they stay on the ground but it moves in a bursts)but has less vomit and can vomit half as long as the default

Witch-muscled legs-the Witch now jumps instead of runs but has lesser agility,which allows you to dodge her earier.when it lands on you you are incaptitated and she does the regular clawing.

Jockey-small body-shooting at the Jockey's victim will only result in friendly fire. Does lesser damage and moves the survivors slower

Spitter-sticky vomit that hurts-when the Spitter spits she has to hit a survivor directly to do damage and the goo then sticks to the survivor doing damage. Can only hit one survivor at the time.

Charger-giant arm-the arm is larger and does more hitting damage. The charging is slower.

the perks are randomly chosen in versus and the director chooses the perks depending on the situation

Opinions about them please.

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