• Mr.shadow

    Special infected perks

    October 6, 2009 by Mr.shadow

    Right. So we all know the Special Infected. But what if some of them had mutations other handn't. I came up with some here they are

    Tank-Hulk legs-Tanks can now run when they have picked up a rock and trow them. Is slower when on 2 legs

    Hunter-jumpy legs-the Hunter can now jump without crouching . This jump hasn't affect over the survivors. It's just an handy tool to escape.

    Smoker-tounge tumor-when the smoker grabs someone with his tounge a certain amount of smoke appears,making it easier for the smoker to drag the survivor

    Boomer-Fatty-tummy-the Boomer can now vomit farther and has a bigger explosions radius and the explosion can now move cars(they stay on the ground but it moves in a bursts)but has less vomit and can vomit half as long as t…

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