Revenge of the Fallen (Reference to the Transformers Film of the same name)

Kill a Special Infected while Incapacitated and below 10 health

Last Survivor Standing (Play on the saying "Last Man Standing")

Revive the other 3 survivors in the same campaign (Once per Survivor)

Real Life Superhero

Kill a Tank in Expert Realism by yourself.

Old Man's Sacrifice

Complete (Insert Pre-"The Passing" DLC name here) as Bill

Nighty Night Witch (Reference to the Night Witches)

Kill a witch only using Melee

Apocalypse Please (Reference to the song of the same name by Muse)

Win 20 games of Realism Versus

So, I wondering what the opinions would be on these.

Please no Trolling, I am not a Twelve Year Old looking for attention, I just want people's opinion on my ideas.

Thank you.

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