• Lord Kael

    Hello just to say left 4 dead 2 AWESOME

    now the following is werid

    i was play l4d2 in swamp fever,plantation anyways just before i get to the second truck along the road, a charger came from behide so i hit a few time then it died, but when i look down the charger was wearing a funny costume then i looked up and then i saw the wall were blue! i went close to coach he had another costume so did nick and myself(ellis) but not rachel. all speacial infected incluing the tank and witch have a new creepy costumes. the background have paterns on them,the road had purple faces of coach,guns turning bright blue or rusted and many others

    funny thing was the game was running perfectly even when i died, the easter egg was still their !

    if you want to know…

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