• Left because i was retarded

    Hi everyone,

    I really like L4D2 but I found a glitch.

    When I was playing it the first time, I had 12 achievements.(not bad eh?)

    But, the next time I was on my computer they were gone!

    so i started again and got 19 achievents:

    • Price Chopper
    • Midnight Rider
    • Ragin' Cajun
    • Weather Man
    • Bridge Burner
    • Confederacy of Crunches
    • Head Honcho
    • Club Dead
    • Chain of Command
    • Armory of One
    • Burning Sensation
    • Septic Tank
    • Crass Menangerie
    • Dead in the Water
    • Cl0wnd
    • Acid Reflex
    • Stache Whacker
    • Gong Show
    • Violence in Silence

    But they were gone too the next day!

    Somebody else with the same problem?

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