i just got done looking at the article for the heavy machine gun and noticed under trivia that said: the heavy machine gun refers to half life, another popular game by valve. i of course deleted it, and here is why. It in no form refers to half life BECAUSE 1. it's a machine gun that could appear in any game. so it's by no means a direct reference. 2. HALF LIFE IS NOT LEFT 4 DEAD. just because this person has seen this machine gun in half life does not mean that it was just taken out of half life and put in l4d. now, ive seen so many trivia edits with references of team fortress and half life. stop doing it now, it's not trivia, it's not even useful information. i mean not everything valve does is linked in every game they've made. one person even said that the bile bomb is a reference to a tf2 weapon and the ONLY thing they have in common is that they are in a glass container!!!!! now i could understand the crowbar-half life link but still, it's just a weapon.

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