I was thinking about this and clearly, i think it would be a nice addition to the horror genre. Maybe close to the idea of the zombie survival guide but more along the lines of a horror "drama". i think it would be interesting to see left 4 dead or maybe left 4 dead 2 as novels for the following reasons: (1)safehouses: the survivors obviously wouldn't leave the safe room right after entering it. maybe the survivors would contemplate/converse about their current struggle. (2) The infection: not much is known about the origin of the infection itself. some say it's a mutated strain of rabies, some say it's the h1n1 gone haywire. i think it would be very important to add information about the infection. meaning, things like news coverage and governmental documents pertaining to the actual outbreak. q/a about "were did it come from?" "when, and were specifically did it start?" "was it Divine or Natural?" (3) Intimacy with the virus: most of you if not all of you zombie/horror fans have seen 28 days/weeks later when they had private maler chained up in the courtyard of the military-established safe zone. maybe whilst in the safe rooms the survivors discuss/observe the behavior of the infected personnel outside their exposed safe door "window". this would give us more than the given information about how viscous the virus actually is. although there isnt much to say about a mindless shell of a human.

Please post your ideas about this "left 4 dead novel"

Note: This is not a movie thread. Even though the 2 things are usually linked in our media.

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