• Left4ace

    as of RIGHT NOW

    December 14, 2009 by Left4ace

    i'm deleting all the fucking BULLSHIT tf2 trivia references. including all non-l4d-related trivia in this wiki

    they do not belong on this wikia. unless it's about the TF2 cereal boxes in No Mercy, it's gone. all so-called references that are team fortress related or movie related will be deleted. such things include the following examples: "a machete was used in the movie 28 Days Later." "the baseball bat is a reference to scout on tf2"

    STOP fucking posting this shit, it's getting old. go jack off to team fortress/half life on their wikis, not this one

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  • Left4ace

    ok, STOP

    December 8, 2009 by Left4ace

    i just got done looking at the article for the heavy machine gun and noticed under trivia that said: the heavy machine gun refers to half life, another popular game by valve. i of course deleted it, and here is why. It in no form refers to half life BECAUSE 1. it's a machine gun that could appear in any game. so it's by no means a direct reference. 2. HALF LIFE IS NOT LEFT 4 DEAD. just because this person has seen this machine gun in half life does not mean that it was just taken out of half life and put in l4d. now, ive seen so many trivia edits with references of team fortress and half life. stop doing it now, it's not trivia, it's not even useful information. i mean not everything valve does is linked in every game they've made. one per…

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  • Left4ace

    Still Something to Prove

    November 22, 2009 by Left4ace

    extremely difficult on single player campaign.

    who here has done it? because, i could seriously use some tips.

    please only post if you have done it on single player and without hacking or whatever; especially if you have the PC version.

    as of now normal is too easy and advanced is well...hard but expert is down right chaotic....

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  • Left4ace

    surviving the finale endings

    November 20, 2009 by Left4ace

    sometimes the bots are damn stupid asses

    near impossible to save everybody, but just wondering how good everyone else is doing? I had trouble with the A.I. but it's understandable i mean i'm not the only one that has to kill the zombies...

    what are your ways of surviving endless hordes, and more specifically, finales?

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  • Left4ace

    Left 4 Dead Novel

    November 15, 2009 by Left4ace

    I was thinking about this and clearly, i think it would be a nice addition to the horror genre. Maybe close to the idea of the zombie survival guide but more along the lines of a horror "drama". i think it would be interesting to see left 4 dead or maybe left 4 dead 2 as novels for the following reasons: (1)safehouses: the survivors obviously wouldn't leave the safe room right after entering it. maybe the survivors would contemplate/converse about their current struggle. (2) The infection: not much is known about the origin of the infection itself. some say it's a mutated strain of rabies, some say it's the h1n1 gone haywire. i think it would be very important to add information about the infection. meaning, things like news coverage and g…

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