So, hi! Im new here. Anyways, Valve never said there would be more DLC. But they said the story will continue. Most likely a L4D3 will come out after Half-Life 3 or Portal 2. But there could be more DLC. And i think Valve should make the next DLC big. I want New guns, New grenades, New Melee weapons, and a Five or four chapter campaign. Also some new mutations. Hell!, ill be glad about a New Infected, Uncommon Common or a new Survivor. The story should either be about what happened to L4D Survivors after the Passing. And the can Run in to a new Survivor for a fourth player. A replacement for Bill basicly. Or about what happened to the L4D2 Survivors after The Parish. And if we Downloaded The Lighthouse and Crash Course for L4D, we get them Imported to L4D2. It also should be packed with a L4D campaign like Death Toll or Dead Air. What do you think?

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