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The surviviors from L4D and L4D2 Appear. There is one new Survivor to replace Bill. L4D2 Surivors are in the list of L4D2 Survivor camapgins. While the L4D Survivors are in the L4D Survivor capaigns list.

Sean: The new survivor. More info soon.

Rescue Vechicles

L4D Survivor Campaigns:

Hell Hood rescue vechicle: The classic Helicopter

Death Rig rescue vechile: Motor Boat

Forest of No Return rescue vechile: Seprate Motrocycles

Death Run rescue vechile: Plane

L4D2 Survivor Campaigns:

The Mist rescue vechile: Armored Limo

Junk Yard rescue vechile: Monster Truck

Doomicicle rescue vechile: Cargo Train

Dead Sea rescue vechile: Large Sail Boat

New Infected and Infected Upgrades


Hunter: they can wall jump.

Boomer: There barf is wider and they now have 100 health instead of 50.

New Infected:

Uncommon infected return. I think that there should at least be four new infected. All the previous "Boss" Infected appearing aswell of course.

Stalker: Can Camouflage for a short time And when behind survivors can choke themwithout a sound. They are extremley dangerous in any realism mode.

Melee damage: 5 per hit

Choke: 10 per 3 seconds

Health: 325

The Haggard (Not my idea): Can Throw Javelin's from its body and has a dangerous melee attack

Melee: 30 per hit

Javelin: 10 per hit

Health: 750

Crawler: Can walk up and on walls and ceilings. As the ability to fire bullet-like spit at survivors.

Melee: 15 per hit

Spit: 5 on impact. Poison lasts for 5 seconds doing 1 damage per second.

Health: 145

Hypno: Spits Black goo at survivors that alters their vision to Black & White, Your team mates look like Tanks, Witches, Smokers, and Hunters. Tank music will play and you will hear witches singing. Smoker coughs. and Hunter Growls. After the Hypno is dead, the goo will be gone.

Melee: 5 per hit

Goo: Alters vision

Health: 150

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