• Lasmoore

    Left 4 Dead 3

    October 20, 2010 by Lasmoore

    Info soon.

    The surviviors from L4D and L4D2 Appear. There is one new Survivor to replace Bill. L4D2 Surivors are in the list of L4D2 Survivor camapgins. While the L4D Survivors are in the L4D Survivor capaigns list.

    Sean: The new survivor. More info soon.

    L4D Survivor Campaigns:

    Hell Hood rescue vechicle: The classic Helicopter

    Death Rig rescue vechile: Motor Boat

    Forest of No Return rescue vechile: Seprate Motrocycles

    Death Run rescue vechile: Plane

    L4D2 Survivor Campaigns:

    The Mist rescue vechile: Armored Limo

    Junk Yard rescue vechile: Monster Truck

    Doomicicle rescue vechile: Cargo Train

    Dead Sea rescue vechile: Large Sail Boat

    Hunter: they can wall jump.

    Boomer: There barf is wider and they now have 100 health instead of 50.

    Uncommon infected return. …

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  • Lasmoore

    Mutation Idea: The Legend

    October 17, 2010 by Lasmoore

    If this was real, it propally be the Hardest game mode. A mix between Ultra Realism and Last Man on Earth.

    Rules: You only get one chance to get one chance to get away from being incaptitated per Chapter. No team mates to help you. There are no outlines around anything. No HUD to check your ammo and health. But if you complete a Campaign, You are Legend.

    Tagline: You are Legend.

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  • Lasmoore

    Mutation Idea: Boomer Time

    October 16, 2010 by Lasmoore

    Rules: the only Infected are Common, Uncommon, and Boomers. Boomers health is now 750. Attack damage with Claws is 10 damage per hit. Its Bile Acts as Spitter Acid and normal Boomer Bile. Boomers are also as fast as Jockeys now. It is a Versus Mutation.

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  • Lasmoore

    Mutation Idea: L-Team

    October 16, 2010 by Lasmoore

    My own idea. Tell me what you think. It is a Versus Mutation.

    Rules: All guns have Unlimited ammo. Only 1 Med-Kit and Pain Pill for each Survivor. All infected get a Speed, Attack, and Health boost. Sppeed increases 10%. Attack increases 30%. And Health increases 50%. One survivor has a M60 and a Magnum. One survivor has a Grenade Launcher and duel P220 Pistol's. One survivor has a AK-47 and a Ax. The last Survivor has a Assault Rifle and a Crowbar.

    Tagline: The L-Team is on the Job.

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  • Lasmoore

    A mix between Scavange and Realism.

    Rules: You have to search around the map for the Gascans. You cant see any outlines around objects. Making it more of a challenge.

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