There are days where I wish I could just look around as a special infected. Doing the same thing over and over again gets kind of boring. Well, my wife hasn’t played Versus yet (well outside of System Link that is) so she is a little intimidated by how competitive it is. She doesn’t want to play it, and mess up, and have others flame her because she didn’t know what to do. I could see that there are probably others with this situation. I really want to play Versus online with her because I know she’d have fun, and (this may sound selfish of me) it will allow me to play L4D more! I mean… spend more time with my wife! Ok, it does both and that’s the real deal.

So I was wondering if we could set up a “Training Day” where I could get at least 6 other players, 2 on my team and 4 on the opposing team, so we could just explore, and attack each other in new ways so that she gets over her intimidation issue.

Not to mention that this would allow YOU to mix things up a bit, doing something different from your usually routine. Krishna d 14:02, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

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