Ok, I've been thinking about this for a little while. One thing everyone wants to know, is, How the HELL, and where did the Infection start? Who is responsible? In the CEDA talk page someone brought up a possible similarity with Umbrella Corp.

Now, I know that this isn’t a very liked idea, but the more I think about it, the more I start to wonder, is Valve dropping us subtle little hints from time to time… even without us fully knowing it?

Point 1: Logos

Google the image of the Umbrella Corp symbol, then look at the CEDA symbol. Umbrella’s is 1 red and 1 white X crossed together. CEDA’s is a Y shape (I think it might be a bird?) with a Triangle behind it. Umbrella’s is two 4 point symbols while CEDA’s is two 3 point symbols.

Point2: The Moto

The Mug for instance…”Your #1 Source for Natural and Manmade Disaster Management.” I ask you, how is a new virus created? I can only think of 2 possibilities: Natural Mutation, or through Biological Engineering, or “Natural and Manmade”, the very two things that CEDA are supposed to be able to manage.

Point3: Lack of knowledge

Someone made the comment “If CEDA really made the infection, they would have known that a chain-link fence wouldn't stop them unless they added barbed wire to it.(Even then, it would only stop common infected.)” In regards to that comment I’d like to remind everyone some of the first words we hear Bill say in the Introduction movie of L4D1. “They’re Changing.” Roughly 2 weeks after the infection came out the Special Infected began to appear. This leads me to assume that the Virus in our game wasn’t fully understood before it broke out of containment. I also would believe that, if it was a failed Military experiment, the measures taken to contain the infection would have been more apparent in the game. There would have been a plan of attack that those “in the know” would have been able to implement quickly. Sure it may not have been fully successful, but it would have been more visible. To me it appears as though the Military honest to god are doing what they can think of to take control of a surprise attack. The Military are the Heroes in this game. Although I may be a little Biased since I’m employed by the USAF.

Sure they’re bombing the hell out of “lost cause” cities but, wouldn’t you?

Tell us all your thoughts about how the Infection could have started.

I have to leave, otherwise I might have typed up more to this already super long blog article, lol

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