This blog is for talk about the Demo, and once the game is released, people's final impressions of the game.

So I played the demo for the first time yesterday. It was pretty interesting. I used a Bile Bomb on a Walking Witch, and instead of killing me she appeared to grab the first person she could and incapped him instead (I was playing as Nick, and she went for Ellis) But he might just have been in the way. Common infected didn't make it to the witch because the AI players all killed them first.

The Jockey was able to get me twice. The pesky special infected was able to pull me out of the hoard surrounded group, separating me from them and depleting my life quite easily. I must say, I can't wait to PLAY as the Jockey (if possible).

Also, using Melee weapons took more than 1 hit to kill all special infected I ran into. I generally used the Machette whenever possible, although I was afraid I might accidentally hit one of my team mates. I really like the concept of weighing Melee over Pistols. Someone will need a Melee weapon if you run into those armored zombies!

The Charger wasn't as hard as I was expecting him to be, although he never got me, he got my AI Team mates. It was actually quite comical to watch as 2 of the AI went flying from the charger's attack, and then Ellis become the one pinned under his fists. I ran behind him and sliced him up with my Machette. I slashed 3 times, although it might have taken just 2 to kill him, I'm not sure.

What memorable moments did you have, or what are your thoughts about the sequel?

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