Hey khakisman here with a small task for those willing to take it. The task is simple simply respond to this blog about a infected of your own design and explain how it would make the game more balanced. Also try to provide details or fan art of its proposed look. For example mine is the driller which is an infected with super long claws that has a charge attack the pushes healthy survivors back for 5 damage( the effect will be like being rammed by a charger that already caught a survivor). however if you attack an incapacitated survivor the driller will quickly drain their health( about 50 damage every 2 seconds). This way survivors will be less likely to leave an incapacitated survivor just because he or she has a slow draining 300 health will incapacitated and it will also encourage team members not to split up in the first place. The driller only spawns when a survivor is at a health level of yellow (not including pill and adrenaline power). He would have a 500 health limit walk at a survivor pace and when charging the pace of a healthy survivor on adrenaline. The charge attack would have a ten second recharge. So all people interested get to it.

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