• Keenon

    The Screamer

    September 7, 2009 by Keenon

    The Screamer
    I kind of figure that the Screamer and the Boomer's vomiting attack are essentially the same thing when it comes to difficulty in dealing with a horde, both can't go on forever. While it's true that the Boomer's vomit is far easier to deal with (pack tight in a corner and attack with the butt of your gun) it's kind of...repetitive. I'm not really saying that action is something Left4Dead is lacking, I just think that the Screamer would have been a nice touch.
    Maybe if they were to tone down the horde drawing attack they could have kept the Screamer. For example, if the Screamer could only scream twice every minute (with thirty second intervals breaking the two attacks in half) then it could be possible for the team to rush out a…

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