Hello fans of L4D and L4D2; i got a few questions about the "The Parish" campaign from L4D2, if anyone knows or wanna say or write (in this case), please be free.

1., When the campaign starts, Virgil say, he comes back to the river for rescue more folks or something, well something like that, so; and from there, our survivors can go to the bridge. Fine, i wondered: why Virgil doesn´t transport directly the survivors to the bridge, when the helicopter wait for somebody?? he have a boat.

2., Why Virgil says, he come back for more people??, if in the end of the campaign the jets bombard some portion, leaving the bridge useless for more survivors to use.

Well guys that are my doubts about the history of the
L4d2 theparish-580
L4D2 finale, i wanna hear (read) your opinion, by the way, sorry for the bad grammar, english is not my primary language, but i tried. Thanks in advance.

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