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    L4D3 New Weapons

    February 4, 2011 by Johnnthemaster

    here is some new weapons that i wish was in L4D3. note i have used some pics from cod black pos since they were they only one that has on the sides of the weapons

    Hud icon

    Weapon Type Light Assault

    Main weapon

    Weapon Tier 1
    Capacity 50
    Carry Capacity 650
    Damage per Shot 20
    Rate of Fire 960/minute (16/second)
    Damage per Second 320
    Damage per Magazine 1000
    Total Damage 14000

    "...A machine gun, i grab that !" ―Survivors

    The Scorpion is the Tier 1 weapon together with the Silenced Submachine Gun and the Chrome Shotgun that is available to players at the start of each chapter and to those who have re-spawned in a closet after dying. This weapon deals out light but noticeable and progressive damage on account of the high speed at which it fires. It has…

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  • Johnnthemaster

    Large Aid kit
    Hud icon same as first aid kit
    Healing Type Permanent
    Damage restored 100%
    Features Permanently restores health to player or teammates.

    "Large med over here!"―The Survivors

    The Large Aid Kit, colloquially known as a Big med kit or Large health pack, is used to heal any damage the Survivors take during a campaign. When carried by Survivors, it is held on like a backpack with visible straps holding it. it looks similare to the first aud kit except bigger and gives more health

    Large Aid Kits can be found in the start of a campaign, and during the finale of a campaign. it can also be found in first aid stations and in random places anywhere else throughout the campaign, though this is very rare. The downfall on it its there is only one that can…

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