I hate the South- Surrvive the Passing as Francis (30 g)

All You need now is a hocky mask- Kill 500 infected with the matchete (20 g )

Finally- As a surrvivor kill Rochelle (5 g)

Lets see how you like it- throw a bile bomb at a boomer (15 g)

Kieth would be proud- As Ellis be the only surrvivor to reach the rescue viechle (20 g)

We don't need no roady- Kill a Jocky as it s leaoing with a guitar (15 g)

Bad relationship- As Nick kill all the Witchs in the Sugar Mill and be the only surrvivor to reach the rescue viechle(20 g)

Way of the Warrior- Kill 500 infected with the Katana (20 g)

Left 4 Rehab-- Surrvive an entire campagn without using pain pills or an adrenaline shots(25 g)

All American Hero- As Coach single handedly kill a Tank and be the only surrvior to reach the rescue viechle(30 g )

 Road Trip- Have Nick and Ellis be the only surrvivors to surrvive Dead Center(25 g)

For Gordon- Kill 500 infected with the Crobar(20 g)

Nostalgic Blood Bath- As the infected incap all the surrvivors in The Passing(35 G)



                 Them s my ideas now tell me yours

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