It has been seen that there are extemely rude comments posted onto the left 4 dead blogs and stigma has mentioned and is near issuing punishment and i encourage all who truly want to keep these blogs alive is to comply with the agreements that stigma has posted as she is an admin and is nice i respect her actions no matter how much I enjoy the blogs it will only be left into the hands of the members on wether these blogs will maintain their funcionality. To keep this on track we must keep these rules in order to keep stigma happy.

1.No rude remarks

2.Keep the posts relative to the wikia

3.Maintain a constant free flowing blog in which no one will be in any shape or form out of order

I for one will comply with these rules but it is into the other active members to comply with these rules now if anyone is to band together to keep these blogs under stigma's circumstances we will keep these blogs but note we must keep these rules as the same way you keep yourself alive.--FrAnCiScOsAuRuS eAcHoO! 16:09, October 23, 2009 (UTC)