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    Austriala Stole my game

    December 9, 2009 by Fireside

    Not wanting to put up with the bullshit censored version I imported my game, but noooo the goddam Govement stole my game those bullshit stealing &%$^ers.

    Sorry about that i'm just realy annoyed at the moment, I think i'll just download the (uncensored) game then send a Check (spelt wrong) to Valve (I'm not an ass, i hate my Country not Valve) or just download the game off steam and use the 590 to 510 trick (if it still works) or just wait until the dam Mitchell Atikson (don't care about spelling for him) to either get his brain into modern times(doubt it) or he gets kicked out of his seat of power (hope so), the sad thing is that he's in SA, I live in QLD so i can't in anyway change the outcome.

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