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    Campaign Ideas.

    December 27, 2009 by Emokitty1100

    Hey guys. this blog means you can put down your wacky ideas for campaigns.

    Try putting down the title then chapters. then explain a little bit about each chapter. heres mine. *its an example and an idea! XD*

    "Looney house"

    chap 1- The parking Lot.

    chap 2- The Cafateria

    chap 3- The Mental rooms

    Finale- The Recreation room

    My Map takes place at a mental instatution.  It starts out in the parking lot and in one car There lies only Kantanas and duel pistols. and 3 medkits. so there can be more teamwork invovled. making it harder for survivors..

    in the cafateria there are several frying pans and pain pills. and 5 medkits. just in case. and 2 of submachine guns

    the mental rooms hold a special infected in each room. but you have to go to one room to get t…

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