Me! I think it's called a speed vault.

Yes yes, strange name I know, I bet all of you are wondering: "what the heck does that mean, and what does it have to do with Left 4 Dead?"

Truth is, it dosen't have anything to do with left 4 dead. It's just a hobby of mine.

First of all, what is parkour?

Parkour is basically using the enviornment around you to make moving though it easier. This involves the use of springs, jumps and climbs to overcome obsticles.

I live in toronto, and I usually practice parkour when going to school. I swear to god I cleared a five foot gap the other day using parkour.

I guess you could compare parkour to "free running" although that's a totally different style. free running uses tricks and flips, adding style to movement. Parkour is getting form point A to point B. that's all.

I started doing this to confront my fear of heights. I dunno if it's working, as I still have a constant fluttering in my stomach when I do it.

Here are some pictures of PK practicers doing their thing. These shots come from the Canadian Parkour Group. I know a couple of these guys, and often see them in the city where I live, Toronto.

EDIT: OKAY! It seems I do have some pictures, I forgot someone took one of me while I was on campus. It wasn't me going anywhere, I was just showing people something. You'll notice im not in my parkour gear, (for shame). I'll try to get it and put it up tonight!


Jul23 02

I don't know HOW THE HELL they managed to get this shot

I don't have many of myself yet, haven't been able to get anyone to take a picture of me doing it. Rest assured, I can at least get one of my in my parkour gear. Soon to come!

Slogan box pk


Sep3 08

A simple vault

Oct16 01

An equilbre du chat, or "cat balance". useful for rails, ledges, ect.

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