So there I was, playing Left 4 Dead 2: with a buddy of mine. ( I know this is going to sound wierd, but his name was Keith) Anyways, we were playing Dead Center, on The Apartments. We decided to play on expert, cause we're like that. We finally got to the part with the elevator after a long and grueling trip downwards, I was very low on health. Desprately, I stumbled towards the elevator, thinking I would make it. Suddenly, zombie runs up, clobbers me in the head, and I go down, dead. So im like, well hogwash man, Keith! revive me bro! as he is about to do so, my dead body starts to float upwards and passes through the roof of the elevator! Suddenly, I come BACK TO LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFE!!!!!!!


Anyways, I was stuck on top of the elevator for a while, as it started moving downwards. The good thing was, Valve was nice enough to put a big ol' elevator right next to mine so i chould jump thorugh one of those there square holes in the top.

Wellp, that's my story. Anything like that happen to y'all before?

DisMEMBAH 14:28, April 22, 2010 (UTC)

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