• Bevo12372

    Left 4 Dead 2 features a whole different array of weapons, ammo and new campaigns. The biggest and most anticapated thing was the new melee weapons and a new better gun selection than in Left 4 Dead. New guns are Silenced Sub Machine Gun, Magnum Pistol, and in DYL M60s and G4 Pistols. New melee weapons axes, swords, baseball bats and paddles in DYL golf clubs and other things. New characters include Ellis a mechaic, Nick a prison inmate, Rochelle is a movie producer and Coach is a high school football coach. Now we have new ammo for your weapons. My advice is when you have the ammo get a gun with a very large clip so you don't run out so fast. You have explosive ammo the most powerful of them all. Inflamery ammol which lighhts the infected…

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