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About meEdit

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About Me:
Personal Details
Steam Community FiresideBoomer (no space)
Xbox LIVE Gamertag Fireside Boomer (space)
Catchprase HI i'm Todd
Left 4 Dead
Fav. weapon Pump Shotgun, Auto shotgun
Fav. character Francis
Fav. infected Hunter
Fav. campaign No Mercy, Death Toll
Fav. chapter Rooftop Finale, The Town
Left 4 Dead 2
Fav. weapon Chrome Shotgun, AK-47
Fav. melee weapon Katana, Chainsaw, Cricket Bat
Fav. character Ellis, Nick
Fav. infected Charger
Fav. campaign Dark Carnival
Fav. chapter The Fairgrounds
Other Games
Fav. game Halo (odst+3), Fallout 3, MW2

Some funny Quotes that me or friends have said while playing Left 4 dead

"yeah when i get covered in boomer puke i spin in circles firing randomly" -Chris, One of the people i used to play with.

"I keept pressing the shoot button but nothing happened...wait...I'm the top screen ain't I" - My Brother

"I'll throw my moltov at the Tank...crap i missed, were screwed" - Me, we wiped

Midnight Ride The whole song sang off key and outof sync - Me

"HOLY SHIT" - Everyone, when the Dead Air plane crashes

"what does the pipe bomb do? -throws pipe bomb- HOLYSHIT that was awesome!" Alex

I play with captions off and voulme at Max (or 11 at the concert)

I don't have L4D2 on the xbox

got both L4D 1 and 2 on the PC

Really glad that Austriala is close to having an Adults rating for games

I love cosplaying as Ellis, cause unlike most cosplays only fans of the games know who you are

Now all i need is to find an Ellis Fangirl

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