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C1m2 streets
Chapter 2
The Streets
Campaign Dead Center
Dead Center Chapter Chronology
Chapter 1
The Hotel
Chapter 2
The Streets
Chapter 3
The Mall
"Hey, I know a gun shop near here where we can get some real weapons."

In The Streets, the Survivors follow the helicopters from the hotel as they head towards the evacuation center at the mall. This chapter contains a Crescendo Event in which the Survivors must obtain a pack of Cola from a Save 4 Less convenience store, with an alarmed door, for the owner of a nearby gun store. He returns the favor by clearing the roadblock that prevents the Survivors from reaching Liberty Mall.

This part will introduce these weapons and Infected and other horrors (note that the Tank or Witch might not spawn, and alarmed cars spawn randomly):


It would be best to start from The Hotel to be more prepared. Grab a gun on the counter, and a health kit/ammo from the table. Upon opening the saferoom door, turn right and clear the Commons there. Search carefully for a melee weapon, and at times, a Grenade Launcher. Go to the CEDA trailers next and search the tents for throwables and Ammo upgrades.

Go to the street now. You might hear crying, and/or soft music (which indicates a Witch), or grunting and/or heavy music (which indicates a Tank). Clear the tent first to search for a Grenade Launcher or Chainsaw. If you are running low on ammo, search the nearby truck for a shotgun or submachine gun. Keep moving down the street. Watch for hordes coming in from both sides of the street as you proceed. Search the police car and look on the left side, as an Ammo upgrade may spawn there. Open the door, and get your throwable out if you hear or suspect a Tank is hiding inside there. If the Tank is in there, fall back and don't let him get near the dumpsters or police car, as he can punch them at you and instantly incapacitate you.

After going down the staircase, ignore opening the door first. Search the boxes to find a submachine gun, and open the rescue closet door to look for a Grenade Launcher or Chainsaw. Hordes will swarm in at the door and from the staircases you just went through. Search the room thoroughly for Molotovs or Pipe bombs.

Keep moving and head for a nearby truck, which contains a melee weapon and a gun. Then head for the heavy dumpster. Clear the Infected out carefully, and turn right to look for guns or ammo upgrades. Search the rescue closet near the staircases and look for temporary healing items, throwables or a Grenade Launcher. Now go up the staircases to find a health closet, melee weapon and Tier 2 guns. Always watch for the Witch, as she usually tends to spawn there or at the street below.

Clear the Infected out with a Pipe bomb. Hordes will spawn at the fencing to your right, so move quickly. A Tank tends to spawn there, so watch out. Keep moving up and you will head closer towards the gun store you need to get to. Search the room near the staircase for ammo upgrades/temporary healing items/throwables. Now keep moving up the staircase to end up in a walkway. A Witch or Tank might spawn, so fall back when necessary. Hordes will spawn from the fencing you passed through near the staircase to the walkway. Keep moving and you'll be at the gun store. Search under the staircase for a throwable, and clear the Commons out. Specials tend to spawn inside the gun store, so mow them down. Now restock, grab a new gun, give it laser sights and heal up. Go to the speaker and Whitaker will tell you to grab him a 6-pack of Cola.

Once Whitaker opens the door, search the room to your left which serves as a rescue closet and has supplies at times inside. Get to the store and open the door. Commons will surge through the store door. Keep two (Versus), or three (Campaign) outside the door while one person grabs the Cola. There are also supplies, but there's no time for that yet. Go back and search once you've given the Cola to Whitaker.

Note: There is a white van in the parking lot. Tanks cannot punch this, but it can be used by Survivors. Climb on the van to skip at least 25% of the Crescendo path. 

Note: There is a drop down from the stairs into the parking lot, just across from the store. The Cola can be thrown over this drop down to a second player, significantly shortening the Crescendo event

Once the Cola is given to Whitaker, he will blow up the tanker truck that blocks the path to Liberty Mall (the explosion will turn off the Save 4 Less alarm, and the horde will stop after 1-2 minutes). Now head for the mall, and search carefully. Search the desks for ammo upgrades, and search the tents for weapons and supplies. Now you will need to watch for one danger: Alarmed cars. These cars, if shot or jumped at, will send out a blaring alarm which will summon a horde. A Tank or Witch tends to spawn near the end, so watch out at all times. Get inside the saferoom and you're safe. But where is CEDA?

Easter Eggs Edit

  • Save 4 Less is a reference to the name of the game. Additionally, the logo at the top of the store is modeled after the logo on the game's box art, minus the hand.
  • Save 4 Less may also be a reference to a chain of supermarkets known as Food 4 Less.
    Side of the DEAD trailer

    Side of the DEAD trailer with the "DEAD" acronym.

  • There is a trailer outside the saferoom with the words "Disease Emergency Assessment Dispatch" this ironicaly spells out DEAD in an acronym form. This can also be seen in The Parish.
  • Using No Clip during the scene where Whitaker destroys the truck, the player can see Whitaker himself. Oddly, he shares a similar model to the Fallen Survivor Uncommon Infected, which appears in the next Chronological Campaign.
  • In Whitaker's Gun Shop, the sign advertising the Magnum's price lists the name of the gun as the "Desert Cobra". This is a reference to the well known high-caliber pistol named the Desert Eagle.

Notes Edit

C1m2 streets0035

Whitaker's room above his store.

  • Whitaker is slightly visible from the streets, if one peers into his window. It is also possible to noclip into the room above the door the cola is delivered into. Whitaker will appear in this room for a few seconds, fire his weapon, then disappear.
  • Though Whitaker fires from a grenade launcher, his "grenade" appears to be more like a missile.
  • Ironically, the store alarm attracts a horde, yet no horde comes when Whitaker blows up the tanker next to the store. In fact, Whitaker destroying the tanker is what stops the alarm. Apparently the alarm is disabled by the blast. It can be assumed that the utility pole knocked over by the tanker's destruction may have cut off power to the store, indicating that the alarm wasn't backed up by a generator.
  • At the beginning of the level, after exiting the hotel, walk down the street to the right, enter a building and exit it onto another street, go into the middle of the road and turn around. Surprisingly, a billboard advertising the Screaming Oak rollercoaster can be seen. The Screaming Oak rollercoaster is located in the Dark Carnival third chapter, The Coaster.
  • When you reach the area where you jump onto the bus from the broken gate, you can see a billboard depicting Jimmy Gibbs Jr., which states that he is at the Liberty Mall.
  • Whitaker

    Whitaker above the gunshop after firing the grenade launcher.

    A bug may occur if you are being healed by a teammate and give Whitaker his Cola at the same time. The game might freeze as long as you finish giving the Cola.
Whitakers gun shop

Billboard for the gun shop.

  • The Crescendo Event in this chapter is rather odd: it is a gauntlet crescendo in a way that, unless you do not deliver the Cola to Whitaker, the alarm won't stop. However, if you hold out long enough (around 10-20 minutes) the alarm will stop by itself. The same oddity will occur at the carousel crescendo as well.
  • If a player or Infected stands near Whitaker's intercom and speaks, it will be amplified in a similar manner to the microphone in The Concert.
  • A bug occurs where, even if the Witch is introduced, sometimes where players would normally have dialogue surrounding this, none is said. However, upon startling her, the Survivors will mention the Witch in their dialogue, and not call her by any other name, even though in other campaigns they usually call her something else (e.g., crying girl, ex-wife).
  • There is a shortcut to delivering the Cola. Once you exit the Save 4 Less with it, look to your left. You will see a white van backed up against the wall. You can jump on the hood of this van and then the van roof, from there jumping over the fence and drastically cutting 25% of the route you take back to Whitaker. In Campaign mode, you can expand this shortcut by running on fences―usually after leaving the Save 4 Less, there are no Special Infected (they tend to attack you when you're still inside the building, so you have to kill them anyway) and Common Infected have difficulty finding a path when you're running on fences. With a little luck, you can run straight from the Save 4 Less to Whitaker without being attacked even once.
    • Another Cola shortcut is having one or two players stay on the balcony while other Survivors grab the Cola, run out of the store, then throw the Cola up to the balcony, where a Survivor up there can pick up the Cola and take it to Whitaker.
    • Another Cola shortcut is having a player go near one of the lightstands in front of the store. Get on the stone part of the lightstand, and have them throw it across the hedges. This cuts carrying time by almost 50%.
  • Near the start of the chapter, there is a medical tent seemingly used by CEDA. A dead CEDA Worker Infected and IVs similar to those in The Hospital can be found within.
  • In the Save 4 Less store, there is no food on the racks.
    • This is possibly due to looting. However, the way to get in the store without opening the door is unknown. It is possible that much of the food was looted before the lockup of the store.
    • It could also be for gameplay purposes however, as rendering all that food would be hardware heavy.
  • The prices on the weapons are very strange; for example, an AK-47 costs $2000 while an Uzi or Hunting Rifle only costs $400.
  • Also it should be noted that, despite having a three-round burst, the SCAR sold in Whitaker's Shop is actually $200 below the typical price for a semi-automatic SCAR.
  • Also, despite being a weapon of German origin, the Sniper Rifle is depicted on a poster in the shop in front of an American Flag, possibly implying it's a PTR-91, a H&K G3 clone produced in the United States.
  • A Witch in the parking lot of Save 4 Less will not be startled when the alarm activates or when Whitaker shoots the truck. However, it is still advised to kill her before starting the event.
  • A Tank can spawn near the store. This is unique, as the store serves as the Crescendo, and upon reaching a Crescendo, no Commons (except idle ones) are usually found, and nothing will spawn. It might be a fault in the AI, as on Versus, a Tank can also spawn near the store.
  • It is possible that if any Infected (including the Witch) or Survivors are standing near the exploding tanker truck, they will instantly die.
  • All of the weapons in Whitaker's gun store, except for the Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle, all shotguns, Desert Eagle, and Glock 17's are illegal for civilian use, unless the civilian obtains a Class-III firearms permit. Even then, under the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, which technically expired in 2004, the SCAR sold in the shop is completely illegal. The Axe (of which it is a fire axe) is a weapon used in emergencies to break down doors and windows; outside of an emergency, it would be illegal to use in public.
    • Also, contrary to the sign in the shop, the Combat Shotgun (SPAS-12) is legal everywhere in the U.S., only importing it into the U.S. is illegal.

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