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Walkthrough "Unless anyone has a better plan..."

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C5m5 bridge
Chapter 5
The Bridge (Left 4 Dead 2)
Campaign The Parish
The Parish Chapter Chronology
Chapter 4
The Quarter
Chapter 5
The Bridge (Left 4 Dead 2)
"Encountered? Boy, I am covered in zombie blood and puke and eyeballs and twenty other parts I don't even recognize. We are immune as SHIT!"
"You heard the man, let's get across the goddamn bridge."
For the actual in-game bridge, see Veterans Memorial Bridge.

The Bridge is the fifth and final chapter of the final campaign, The Parish. After the Survivors escaped from the ruins of New Orleans, they learn that the military is abandoning the mainland and trying to hold out at sea on large cruise ships. The Survivors take this chance, and make a run for the helicopter.[1]


C5m5 bridge00001

The Bridge Exploding

The chapter starts in a safe room with two floors. Players need to heal as necessary, but weapon selection is a key variable. Players need to experiment, but a good combination is a fast-firing Tier 2 plus a fast melee weapon (e.g. Machete or Nightstick) to clear the way at close quarters and get disentangled from Common Infected mobs. If aiming for a sub-three minute achievement, picking up Adrenaline Shots is essential. A Pipe Bomb or two (if available at the start) is a huge asset to keep in reserve to clear the way in the chapter's penultimate stage: the dash across to the bridge exit denoted by an army Humvee. Overall strategy is to keep in mind the requirement to move to the rescue vehicle in the face of oncoming waves of enemies.

Note that if you've started this from The Quarter, there are three extra guns and four Health kits on the bottom floor.

Once equipped, exit the safe room and use the radio next to the dead body. After using the radio to speak to the military, operate the switch on the console and move to the bridge barrier to ready for the start.


Slow AdvanceEdit

Make sure all Survivors are well equipped (if there are any leftover health kits on the tables, use them) before going out. No one wants to have an unprepared Survivor that is lacking a grenade to thin the hordes of Infected when the team needs it the most.

Get the radio and use the lever to lower the bridge, and stay on either the left or right sides; don't go through the middle, since there are holes littered in the first segment. Shoot and hack your way to the other end; two players should be using melee weapons to decimate any Common Infected rushing them while the other two should be supporting the melee players, taking out any Special Infected and distant Common Infected.

Note: Throughout the whole bridge, be extremely careful! Boomer blasts, Jockey steering and Charger impacts can cause Survivors to hang for dear life and have one less Survivor to help the team. If players are not resisting the Jockey they can fall off to their death into the waters below. The same can go for Tank punches and the Charger's charges that can knock players off the bridge and kill them instantly.

Once you reach the end of the first segment, a collapsed ramp should be seen in the middle. Go up to the second level, walk to the edges on the left and right and turn back to find an ambulance. Inside are some pain pills and/or adrenaline shots. Players who need them should grab it while others who don't should fend off the incoming Infected rushing from the ramp. Move forward, away from the ambulance and avoiding the crack covering the middle to right side of the second level. Drop onto a truck on the right side and run into the open truck on the left where an ammo pile and more pain pills/adrenaline can be found. STAY near the truck and clear out all Common Infected; unless you are playing in modes where players can control the Special Infected. The upcoming area is littered with cars and scaffolding (for players to avoid being hit by the cars the Tank punches) which can be devastating to an unprepared team.

Although you can face the Tank on the first level, it is not recommended because the Tank can punch the many cars scattered and deal heavy damage to the team (these cars do not incapacitate for balancing reasons). By going back up to the second level, the Tank cannot punch any of these cars up to deal damage and is forced to climb up twice and be unable to attack. He must be taken down quickly though, because there isn't much between the Survivors and the edge of the bridge on the second level, and a well-timed punch can result in a player getting sent flying into the waters and being killed.

Once the Tank is killed, keep advancing. Hordes will now spawn as usual and so, follow the mentioned two-by-two formation to minimize damage and provide effective clearing power. There will be a second truck up ahead with more supplies; grab if needed, otherwise, keep moving until you see an oil tanker with a ladder on the back. Climb on it and move forward to the third segment.

The third segment of the bridge is tilted due to either to the bridge malfunctioning or failed attempts by the military to destroy it. Stay to the left, as the Common Infected tend to swarm on the right side before running to the players. Drop down and an open truck is seen at the end; get to it, restock and replenish and throw a Pipe bomb to distract the Infected.

Although the message appears to get to the rescue vehicle, don't rush, because although the finale music starts playing, the Tank does not spawn at this moment. Once everyone is good to go (they should do it fast, as it is near an Infected spawn point), rush into the evacuation area. Several guns are laying about and a Heavy Machine Gun can be found, but avoid that because it is practically useless like the one found in The Plantation. Once you near the Heavy Machine Gun, the Tank will spawn; throw a Bile/Pipe bomb if anyone has it to distract the horde. Make a run to the helicopter quickly, as the Tank will spawn at this point. Jump off the side of the road, onto the bus; you can use the ladder instead, but this can leave you open to a rock throw if the Tank is nearby. Make a dash to the helicopter with the rest of your team, as if you run too early and the Tank is focused on you, will most likely incapacitate you inside.

Speed RunEdit

Speed running is another strategy to beat this level, but it is solely for the purpose of the BRIDGE OVER TREBLED SLAUGHTER Achievement. This achievement is only obtained by passing this chapter within 3 minutes or less.

You will want to play on Easy difficulty when attempting for the achievement; mainly because Infected deal more damage and Special Infected like the Smoker will grab the player instantly on higher difficulties. The player should only be wary of any Chargers, Jockeys and Hunters as the difficulty does not affect their reaction times.

Having a second player is not needed, but will help in the event you are caught by a Special Infected. Before starting the event, make sure you have a Pipe bomb and an Adrenaline shot on you and kill off any bots; since the achievement is only gained once the whole team gets in the helicopter; not by getting there first. The bots will take their time clearing the Infected (including the Tank) which will result in taking longer then 3 minutes and not getting the achievement. Bots only teleport to the player if they are far enough and not being attacked by Infected, which is certainly impossible to obtain during a speed run.

Use a fast melee weapon and a shotgun (if you start on this chapter, you may not find a shotgun, so settle for an Assault Rifle instead). Rush every segment of the bridge. Once you reach the Tank fight, avoid getting attacked by the Tank and use your Adrenaline shot to speed past him; the open truck near the Tank's spawning point should contain an adrenaline shot, so grab that if there is one inside, but quickly, because if you are too slow the Tank will trap you inside. Once you reach the oil tanker, hordes will spawn regardless if the Tank is alive or not. Keep rushing to the bridge, clearing out Infected and healing when needed, although you shouldn't need to heal as the Common Infected die rather fast and deal very little damage. Once you see the helicopter, rush to it and get inside.

If you have a bile bomb from the previous chapters, use it only when you need to get a great head start against the Infected; hit it in an area where the Common Infected can reach with ease (don't throw it into the water, or they will die and more will take their place). This way, a maximum of 30 Common Infected are present at any one time and will prevent the Director from spawning more Commons while those 30 are still alive.


The SurvivorsEdit

  • Plan ahead. A good plan is better than just running and hoping for the best.
  • You need to keep moving as much as possible.
  • Newcomers should be on the lookout for gaps in the bridge. A few careless steps can send you off the edge.
  • It's good to stop for a few seconds every now and then to clear the path ahead; however, tell your teammates when you do this and resume movement as quickly as possible.
  • When the Tank comes, you can climb on the scaffolding on the left and right sides of the bridge to avoid being hit by cars. If the Tank follows, be sure to jump back onto the bridge carefully.

The InfectedEdit


The bridge collapsing as the Survivors escape.

Keep in mind that during this level, you should be moving just as much as the Survivors. There are various holes in the bridge and the sides are usually not protected by gates, so carrying Survivors off the edge will cause them to hang or fall to their death. Do note that even while you are spawning, should you fall, you will die and have to respawn. Press the use key the instant you start falling to spawn alongside the closest Survivor to prevent such mishaps that could cost you and your team.

Hunters: Try to pounce the last Survivor during moments of confusion (Tanks, Boomer Bile, etc.), as most Survivors will keep moving before they realize their teammate is in trouble. It's a good idea to claw weak Survivors who usually trail the pack until you incapacitate them, and then hide and then pounce the rescuer to add more damage to their team. Practice makes perfect, so if you can practice, the bridge holds few very good wall-jump positions, which leave Survivors wondering where you are going to come from.

Jockeys: You can do wonders on this stage, especially if the Survivors are scattered. If you can successfully ride one, you can take them backwards and/or cause them to hang on the side of the bridge. Be aware that this will most likely end in your demise, so have a buddy close at hand to take care of any rescuer, or your sacrifice will be in vain. You can also ride a bot off the bridge as bots do not resist the Jockey's influence, allowing you to disable them quick.

Chargers: When the opportunity arises, try to charge a Survivor off the bridge from the sides or one of the many holes in the middle of the bridges. If this isn't possible at the time being, try to grab the Survivor at the back and carry them back; this way, Survivors either need to go back and kill you, or leave their teammate to die. Chargers can take Survivors from Jockeys, which can confuse Survivors, as well as it can let the Jockey set a new ambush position. You can also follow up when a Jockey carries a Survivors off an edge by grabbing and carrying their rescuer to their death.

Smokers: Try to grab the one that is behind. This can slow the whole Survivor team down. They will either run back to save him, buying your team more time, or run ahead, leaving him to die. Also remember that the many holes in the bridge can instantly incapacitate or kill a Survivor, so try to drag stragglers off whenever possible. Your tongue will break and you can hide. As with Jockeys, have a buddy close to grab any wannabe heroes.

Boomers: Try to vomit on Survivors when possible. This will summon a horde that can slow down Survivors, especially those that are in the front and away from the other Survivors. This will leave one person fighting off the horde. Remember that when you explode, you can push players back. Take care when near captured Survivors or Tanks, but attempt to explode near Survivors who are close to holes or the sides of the bridge. The blindness has an added effect: it might cause the Survivor to mistakenly run into a hole, which is instant death.

Spitters: You might not do so well this level as the Survivors are constantly moving; your spit is stationary once fired and there are usually multiple paths through the bridge. There are also no "good" hiding spots to take cover in. Attempt to do as much damage to the Survivors as you can, trying to get in places where they have to go, such as the ladder on the fuel truck after the Tank. Also, since most players won't cross goo even here, try to spit to split up the Survivors so your team can pick them off, or put the Survivors in immediate (and deadly) danger. Another way to slow Survivors is spitting at where they need to call the pilot, though there is not a great hiding spot to do this from. If you plan to do this, expect to die shortly after you spit.

Tanks: If the enemy team is not climbing on the scaffolds, you can easily bash them with cars. It's a great way to slow down Survivors and then rush up to them. For The Bridge, cars will not instantly incapacitate Survivors, instead doing a set amount of damage, so follow up attacks. Do realize that even though you are a feared team member of the Infected, the large number of cars and the distance you will spawn from the Survivors will mean more time to get to them. It is usually faster to punch cars out of the way than to bother jumping and hopping over them. Keep an eye on your frustration meter. Be aware that there are several propane tanks on the bridge, and if Survivors time it right, they can stumble you off into the water. It is also good to punch the Survivors off the bridge.


They reached the other side,only to find out to their horror the helicopter pilot has been killed.

How long can they last the never ending onslaught of the infected?

There are three main areas on this map where holding out can be most effective:

The Helipad - Area by the helicopter
Survival Rating 6/10
Pros -
- Open and wide area, so Tanks can be killed effectively with minimal damage taken.
- Single sided, with the water acting as a barrier from behind, the only area from which you will be attacked is the front so you can easily focus fire on the hordes of Infected heading for you.
- Item Stashes, Inside the Helicopter itself are health kits and a defib along side which can be found a weapon and 3-4 molotovs, these can be swapped with other items of there type from around the map if necessary. The Helipad is also very close to other item stashes (by the tents) so in moments where the horde is quiet they can be easily retrieved.
- Choke points, the Helipad is accessed by the two walkways at the front, and area they go through can be funneled into focused fire, making it easier to move around and kill them before they kill you.

Cons -- Charger kills, the water behind you may act as a good barrier but can also be fatal if a Charger happens to carry you into it so bear this in mind. Jockeys are a concern, too, as they can pull you over the edge if you are not fighting back. Tanks are the biggest problem, as players near the edge can be punched off to their deaths.
- Dead End, with nowhere to fall back to it can be hard to maintain your ground. Unless you kill incoming hordes quickly, it's easy to get overwhelmed.
- Weapons, as only a Pump shotgun resides in the helicopter, making it deadly when you are low on ammo and the horde is attacking.

The Radio - Area around the starting radio
Survival Rating 6.5/10
Pros -- Extensive items, Being the center point of the map, it has quick access to all the ammo piles and pill stashes around the area and is equally far away from every other stash including the helipad.
- Ammo piles, this area itself has its own ammo pile which can be sat on and used when ever needed, so you're not short on bullets.
- Barricades, the many fences and walls in this area act as blockades, causing infected to be thinned out and easily picked off, also the lower walls allow a quick escape from Spitter acid.

Cons -- Basin effect, With the bridge looming over the area in front, infected have a tendency to drop off and land all around, causing chaos and a difficulty to control the horde. The bridge acts as a vantage point for specials like the smoker and Spitter who can rain acid down on you or sneak a quick snare.

The Bridge - High end of the bridge
Survival Rating 10/10
Pros -- Funnel effect, it being a lengthy strip of bridge, infected can be easily seen and dealt with at you. Also there will be no worry of infected attacking from the sides so all survivors can concentrate there fire on the oncoming tide of zombies.
- Special sightings, You have a wide view of the horde coming at you from in front of you, except for the special infected who usually will attack from behind you.
- Gas can throwers, having one person set to throw a gas can when a tank arrives will insure a good advantage over them and a head start in taking away its health. It will also delay the horde as the fire will spread across the narrow bridge path. Try to gather gas cans and propane tanks before starting the round and have one person in charge of throwing them out.
- Tents, the tents at the high end of the bridge allow an excellent vantage point for taking out tanks with a good grenade launcher player and a sniper or two to deal with other special infected and set alight gas cans. One of the best strategies is to stand on the tents which are closest to the fence. Have two team members equipped with sniper rifles and the other two should carry a grenade launcher and an assault rifle, m16 is ideal. When you run out of grenade launcher ammo, take an automatic shotgun. Take some petrol cans with you as well and throw them out and light them up when Tanks come. Be sure to cover each other and this tactic will easily get you 8-11 minutes at least. - Weapons, an M16 and Auto Shotgun are near the spot (starting position), and can be grabbed easily. The M16's high rate of fire will grind most Infected down easily and can be swapped for an Auto Shotgun whenever a Tank arrives.

Cons-- Chargers, Chargers are the main concern as they can bowl through the tightly knitted group and cause disturbance in the line.
- Item runs, with no health kits, a few pain pills and adrenaline shots, along with just an M16 and Tactical Shotgun. This makes it dangerous if you plan to get supplies from the radio below as you can easily get swarmed and killed within seconds. However if you use shotguns/assault rifle you can swap them for the weapon below and swap back for full ammo. -Tank attacks, as Tanks are very strong, and if not killed on time can wreck havoc onto the team and there is no escape route. -Escape route There is no escape route, making it hard to escape from an attack. -Infected - if you move too far from the tents at the back, it will cause Common and Special Infected to also spawn from behind until you get back to the tents.


Bridge Video Guide -

Left 4 Dead 2 Survival, The Parish's Bridge - pt08:26

Left 4 Dead 2 Survival, The Parish's Bridge - pt. 1

Rusty's Bridge Guide

Rusty Woud has made many survival videos along with extensive coverage of the Left 4 Dead games, here he can be seen trying out the bridge method to great effect.


Bridge over troubled slaughter BRIDGE OVER TREBLED SLAUGHTER (30G)
Cross the bridge finale in less than three minutes.

Behind the ScenesEdit


The military bombing the bridge.

This chapter was at first called "The Table Bridge" and then "The Lift Bridge" before being changed to simply "The Bridge". Originally, The Bridge was created with no cars or anything other than the Infected in the way. Valve changed this later, as described in the Developer's Commentary for this chapter.

The bridge itself was going to be bombed by the military while the Survivors were crossing it. This was cut for unknown reasons, though still appears in the Zombie Survival Guide Trailer, with Rochelle speaking to the military through a hand-held radio, requesting the bombing stop. The jets that were meant to bomb the bridge can still be seen in-game, returning from the city and bombing the bridge only before and after the survivors' run.

Notes Edit

  • If any of the infected are killed inside the helicopter, the bodies will clip through. This also happens to the Spitter's acid (and will not harm any of the Survivors).
  • Before you start the finale, a corpse holding the radio you use to contact the chopper is exactly the same one from the Runway Finale in Dead Air.
  • A lot of dead Common Infected can be seen in this chapter, meaning that other survivors may have or tried to escape here.
  • A CEDA Trailer can be seen moments before you head to the chopper.
  • Each of the Survivors can communicate to the Soldiers at the radio. But, only one can actually talk to them. Also each survivor has a line if one of them is to talk to the soldiers. (E.g: If Coach talks to them first, he will say that 'he is covered in zombie blood and other organs', etc.)
  • Jumping into the helicopter's rotor blades will cause survivors to become incapacitated.
C5m5 bridge0000

The sign

Videos of early versions.Edit

Left 4 Dead 2 Finale gameplay part 102:13

Left 4 Dead 2 Finale gameplay part 1

Left 4 Dead 2 Finale gameplay part 202:44

Left 4 Dead 2 Finale gameplay part 2

Left 4 Dead 2 Finale gameplay part 303:03

Left 4 Dead 2 Finale gameplay part 3

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