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C2m4 barns
Chapter 4
The Barns
Campaign Dark Carnival
Dark Carnival Chapter Chronology
Chapter 3
The Coaster
Chapter 4
The Barns
Chapter 5
The Concert
"Final evacuation is in the stadium."

The Barns is the fourth chapter in Dark Carnival.


Walkthrough Edit

L4d2 0562

Outside the barns

Thanks to its Gauntlet Crescendo event, this chapter is widely regarded as one of the most difficult in the game. The importance of keeping at least one Pipe Bomb or Bile Jar in reserve for this event cannot be over-emphasized: refer the following walk through narrative.

At the start of the chapter The Director may or may not put up a fence between two food trucks; this does not matter as you will still end up at the same destination. You should check the area around closely, especially the tables area where there are usually various supplies and weapons to grab.

Stronger than Moustachio

Prove you are stronger than Moustachio.

Just outside the bumper cars area is a Moustachio strength tester. Without the assistance of a Tank or a melee weapon while under the effects of an Adrenaline Shot, the bell cannot be rung. Ringing the bell will give you the Gong Show achievement (excluding the Tank if they hit it), but will release a horde, which is dangerous on higher difficulties, although an experienced team can use it to speed run through the next few segments. To the left of the Stache Whacker are two Port-a-Potties, which serve as the chapter's only Rescue Closets.

Stache Wacker

Stache Whacker.

Proceed through the bumper car rooms. The Tank and Witch usually tend to spawn after this point, so be wary if one appears. Inspect the stadium entrance area carefully, as the Director is extremely fond of spawning a Tank or Witch anywhere along the path. If you ignore them and continue on your way, it can spell an easy reset for the Crescendo event later on, especially on harder difficulties.

There will also be a game in this area which is used for the STACHE WHACKER achievement. Start up the game and get a score of 42 (you can do multiple attempts, as you will not get this score on the first attempt). Once 42 points are obtained, the game will break and alert a horde. Search the area, including the small building across the barn for any supplies before entering.

When you enter the barn, make your way to the other side. The Tank and Witch can also spawn in this area, so put extreme caution if you hear one them lurking inside. In the last room is a large room that has two one-spawn weapons, throwables and other items if the team is doing poorly. Go outside and onto the rooftops; proceed carefully, as Chargers and Smokers can backtrack the team if they grab someone. On the last rooftop segment, wait for everyone before jumping down, as it is a one-way area and anyone caught on the rooftops will die if they get incapacitated.

Go to the Crescendo area and get ammo for your gun if you have to and place the gas cans strategically (if there are any) before starting the Crescendo.

L4d2 0580

Waiting for the gates to open

Once the switch is activated, hordes will spawn from three areas; a fence near the scaffolding, the rooftops near the switch and through the fenced area. Light up gas cans and molotovs if needed to restrict the Infected from coming through that area for a period of time. Once the gates open, start running towards the saferoom. Light up any Special Infected that appear and get rid of the Infected with a Pipe or Bile bomb. Run towards the safe room. Usually in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the team from entering the safe room, the Director will spawn a horde in between the two paths leading to the safe room. If this happens, switch to your shotgun or melee weapon and hack at the Infected, where you should get many kills due to the small space. This is where killing the Witch early on is well worth it; if the Witch was not killed and the Director spawned a horde just outside the safe room, she will become startled and attack the player, which can be dangerous with the large horde pounding down on you. Once you get in the safe room, shut the door to finish the chapter.

L4d2 0583

Running down the alley


  • L4d2 0570

    Rooftop view

    When you're on the top of the barns, watch out for Jockeys, Smokers, or Hunters. If your teammates make it down to open the gates, and you are still on the roof, you might be pulled back to where the Survivors can't see you, which means they CANNOT save you (unless they are equipped with a grenade or grenade launcher). This is because there is no way back onto the Roofs of the barns once you have dropped. So in Versus mode, it is really important to stick together on this part.
  • When playing Versus, if you're the Spitter and the Survivors just got to the Crescendo Event, wait until they climb on the ladder where the ammo is. Once they are distracted by Infected, spit on their path, and the Infected should hold the Survivors there so it will be harder for them to run to the safe room.
  • In Versus, if you are a Charger and the Survivors are coming up to the roofs above the barns before the crescendo event, if you are on the edge of the first roof and spawn, you can wait for the Survivors to walk on the roof, and charge one back down to the ground before the barns. If you can pull this off, it gives your team a fair amount of time to set up an attack, as the team will have to jump down and go through the barns again.
  • In Versus, if you are the Tank, you can punch the Moustachio strength test game and alert a horde.
  • In Versus, as the tank, try to avoid using your rock throw in the areas prior to the barns unless you are absolutely positive it will net you an incap or kill. This immobilizes you, giving survivors time to throw a molotov, reload, and use quick health items and run all the way back to the starting safe room, leaving you to die a fiery and humiliating death.
  • In Versus, if you are the Hunter you can pounce in the trees and almost any Survivor will ignore you and run past, even the AI.
  • A useful reminder when playing single player expert on this level is that, chances are having made it this far, your team will not have started in the safe room with full health and be able to keep the health kits. This is one of the, if not THE only level in the game itself where you may want to favor using health packs over using your pills instead. The reason being that if you get caught up in the gauntlet event and end up getting pounded down, the most time you can afford yourself is time to gobble down pills / adrenaline to boost your mobility. Conservation of your TEMPORARY health items is absolutely essential to surviving the crescendo on this level, especially with AI teammates.
  • A good practice on single player expert is upon departing the safe room, immediately button-hook to the left around the side of the building, dispatching any infected in the immediate path to the fence (this would be near the area where the entrance to the safehouse was from the previous map). If you look to the left of the fence, there is a big hedge, and a small nook the players can fit through (closest to the fence). The survivor AI will always follow the human player to that spot. There are no AI nodes that provide for spawning infected, so the player may safely hide back there and kill all infected coming through. Usually, the AI survivors will finish all of them off before the player has any need to worry about doing it themselves.
  • On solo expert, do not be so dependent on Molotovs to bring down the tank. The layout of the level is advantageous to the solo expert runthrough, because there are so many structures one can kite the tank around whilst dealing damage to him safely. Grab any pipe bomb you see first, and if you find another before the crescendo, it would behoove you to use it. Take heed, though, as the director seems to start taking it personally when you kill tanks and witches with ease in this level. The biggest point about saving the pipe bomb is that at the gates, before pressing the button, the player is highly likely to find a molotov (sometimes in a fairly defensible spot, like right before the stairs going to the plank area) or a gas tank. The molotov can be used to stave the initial horde off and allow your team some breathing room before making a mad dash to the gates. In addition, after the fire clears, the player is free to grab his pipe bomb (which he saved earlier) and use it closer to the entrance of the stadium, where the ridiculously large mob is spawning in. Please note that it takes about 60 seconds for the gates to open and allow passage after starting the event, so it may be helpful to try to thin the horde out and buy yourself precious time before throwing the molotov or igniting the gas tank.
  • Last but not least, on solo expert, upon entering the area where the stadium entrance / safehouse doors are FIRST visible (this is after the bumper cars), when passing through the hedge entrance, there is a green fence on the player's right, and similar other fences on the way to the barns. Blast through these with the combat shotgun when it is safe to do so. The director is particularly fond of hiding the tank there, only to have him come out at the worst possible time later, or shuffle him to another spot when the whole time the team could get an easy kill. If encountering the tank inside the bumper car arena, do NOT stay and fight him inside, as he can launch the cars at you. Rather, kite him to the ramps entering the bumper car area, and try to make him climb the wooden railings over. He will frequently get stuck trying to figure out how to negotiate them, giving you a great advantage in time to unload on him with shotguns and assault rifles.
  • It is possible, even if it takes weeks (or longer) to beat this on expert in single player mode. This is the single most frustrating level to play through in terms of restarts, but eventually success will come to you. Try any of the strategies above, with a 'mid-point goal' of getting ALL of your team to the Gauntlet event with at least 60 permanent health. The director will usually have a heart and spawn 1-4 Health Packs in the areas noted above. Take advantage of them sooner, rather than later. A good setup to start yourself off when you hit the button is to toss one fuel can in front of the barricade coming in, and one near the toilets by the gates. When you hit the button, ignite them once the horde swells, hide in the corner of the barricade closest to the toilets, and do your best to protect your team. When the gates open, you'll need to balance your melee weapon attacks with some very tricky maneuvering. If you do end up taking the heat and get to Near-Death status (black and white) pull out your melee weapon, hide in the corner on the LEFT of the gate (after it opens) and draw the horde in towards you, trying to buy your teammates time to catch up. Keep an eye peeled for special infected to come towards you or otherwise attack, especially Chargers. Once your teammates have your back, heal QUICKLY, then take off toward the stadium entrance. If you feel like you're going to be overwhelmed by the horde, jump onto one of the two dumpsters on the right side (with the stairs between them) to shake off any infected that are about to land a hit. Hide inside the corner made by the barricade and the retaining wall, using your melee weapon to thin the horde down a bit and try to take the load off your AI teammates. After you get enough time to advance further, you will see dead ahead a porta potty with a small nook in it. The biggest mistake a player can make here, is to assume that they will have enough time to try the 'Hail Mary' approach and just gun for the safehouse. This will lead to controller-shattering rage as The Director will casually spawn another 50 or so zombies split both ways (splitting around the dividing wall) to smack you and your team down, in any order. Instead, go hide in the corner by the portapotty and wait for the horde to come to you, once again dispatching them with your melee weapon. This time, when the horde has been dispersed, now you want to gun for it, as you will only get a few precious seconds time to get in and shut the safe room door behind you. Your teammates will almost certainly die in the process, but you will be free to advance to the finale. It should be noted that this strategy is at least as contingent on favorable circumstances as it is on the skill level required to pull it off. It is not guaranteed to work 100 (or even 50) percent of the time, but if your team is adequately prepared to handle the ridiculously large wave of zombies coming at you, you have a chance to finally beat this chapter. Good luck!


See also: The Survivors

The Survivors reach the outside of the stadium, all they need is to open the gates. But to their unlucky state, the gates refused to open for them. With their hopes fading and a large horde of Infected coming, how long can they hope to survive?

Overall Tips

  • Teamwork is essential to long-term survival.
  • In this mode, most of the popular choke points, closets and easily defensible corners are removed. Even if you find one that has not been removed, it is not recommended that you fight from there as The Tank will quickly defeat you when he arrives.
  • You have an infinite amount of time to prepare. Use this to your advantage. Take as much time as you can to set up gas cans, propane tanks, oxygen tanks and to find a good place to fight from.
  • When searching for a place to fight from, remember that you need a location that not only limits where the horde attacks from, but also gives you a fair chance against the Tank. You either need to be able to fall back and deal with the Tank easily, or have a good enough vantage point to kill him before he can get too close.
  • Ammunition is a problem. Unless you are being overrun with Infected or fighting a Tank, try to use your pistols as much as possible. Conserving ammunition should be a priority, as trying to get more during a horde attack can often be fatal. When you do head out for ammunition, remember to take at least one teammate with you.


  • If the player is forced to take the path which goes through the small picnic area at the beginning (on the left), be aware that one or all of these will happen: A Boomer, a Charger, a Spitter, or worst of all, a clown leading a horde. This can send the Survivor team packing it in early in campaign mode, especially on expert. Curiously enough, the chance of a clown leading a HUGE horde into this area is higher than any of the special infected coming in to harass you.
  • The dead cows found in the barn use the same model as the ones in Blood Harvest.
  • When playing Single Player an AI Bot may freeze on the ladder inside the barn. Shooting the character gets them moving again.
  • The forest paintings on the walls of the bumper car attraction were original designs from the Film Festival posters found throughout the No Mercy campaign.
  • The multiple Smoker/Hunter glitch happens frequently here.
  • Be always aware of the Crescendo being infinitive - there is no way to stop the hordes but to get to the safe room.
  • Like in The Concert, the textures in the safe room are misplaced in a way that a player's spray, (or tag) will appear at an angle or partially on the floor.
  • You can go to the concert stage in The Concert using noclip, however it is not fully detailed until the next mission.
  • Sometimes, a rare occurrence happens in which the Horde does not spawn right away after the Survivor hits the button. The gate will still open at the same pace and that means the Infected attack later than usual.
  • When entering the ending safe room, both doors will be ending safe room doors. When the next chapter loads, however, the one leading to the next level will be the correct one. This door may be unnoticed though because players are in a rush to get into the safe room without dying.
  • There is an unused room in the area where you start the Crescendo event. There is a spot where you can walk to the yellow stadium wall. Just beyond this part of the wall is a room with shelves of boxes and a couple of item spawns. The room can only be accessed with noclip as it has no doors or windows.[1]
  • If you look through the window with the switch to start the Crescendo event you can see a door. However, if you look at the other side you will not see a door, only a wall.
  • The Barns has only one respawn area and those are the Port-A-Potties next to the bumper cars. Both can be used to revive teammates multiple times during the campaign, though having to run all the way back to the beginning can be tedious and annoying. However, once the team passes the roofs of the barns, there is no way to get back, leaving your dead teammates dead until their team reaches the safe room or dies.
  • Sometimes, a Witch will spawn right on your path as you head to the saferoom, or inside the saferoom itself. Make sure you can kill it cause it can cause a lot of trouble as you may shoot it unexpectedly. Just turn on the subtitles to make it easier. Try jumping up and down near the fence where you can toss the Gnome over and shoot / throw a molotov. Then run!
  • On expert mode, it is possible to get up to four (this is EXTREMELY rare) extra health kits at the area immediately before the Crescendo. When jumping off the roof to get to the gates, look to the left of the left trailer, usually a gas tank is there, and occasionally an extra health kit. Proceeding to the scaffold, keep your eyes peeled on the left for another one next to the corner of the building (this frequently is a molotov or adrenaline as well). Finally, on the scaffold itself, a health kit is commonly found, however, there are 2 separate health pack spawns up here. If a player is having a particularly rough time finishing this chapter (4+ hours in attempts), the director will uncharacteristically show mercy and spawn one for each survivor.
  • Be careful when entering the actual barns, this is one of the Director's favorite spawn points for the Tank in Campaign.
  • If your captions are on, and you haven't broken the strength tester, the captions will show the Moustachio lines, but you can't hear it unless you're close to it, even if you're in the saferoom.
  • The foliage in this level is inherently disadvantageous to survivors, whether played in campaign or competitive modes. Infected with low-contrast or neutral-colored clothing can effectively blend into the many hedges found throughout the level. This is very bad for survivors crossing the barn roofs.
  • The Barns is one of three Survival maps that belong into the "Dark Carnival" section. It's also one of the few maps where you can start the Horde up in another way, and this is by getting the 42 points on the Stache Whacker.
  • If you get a running start and hit the strength test game with a melee weapon, you can actually make the hammer hit the bell and ring it. This will not, however, grant you the achievement.
  • There are numerous patio tables scattered around the level, up to the area before the Crescendo event. These physical props are unique in the way that after being released to physics (i.e shot/melee attacked by a player or special infected, or otherwise caused to move) the collision model is still completely solid to the survivor characters, enabling them to climb atop the tables.These can be overturned and strategically placed to stop incoming horde. These are especially useful for interrupting a bum rush from a Charger.
  • The 42 points required may be a reference to several things:
  • At the beginning of this chapter, A.I. controlled Survivors tend not to pick up the supplies inside the safe room. To fix this, you can either push bots a little so they'll go for ammo or open the saferoom doors, go outside and get back inside and they will retrieve their supplies.


  1. Unused room
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