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Suicideblitz 3law
Chapter 3
The Law
Campaign Suicide Blitz
Suicide Blitz Chapter Chronology
Chapter 2
The Underground
Chapter 3
The Law
Chapter 4
The City
"If we meet anyone, tell 'em we're cops!"

The Law is the third chapter of the custom campaign Suicide Blitz. The Survivors make their way through the city's jail and head upstairs to the main police station lobby. Finding the station abandoned with the remaining police evacuated to the stadium, they head to the police car parking lot and out back onto the street. Thereafter they make their way to a restaurant and, once again, descend into the sewer via an entrance located to its rear. After working their way through the sewer system, the Survivors find an exit leading into a condemned part of the city's subway system.

Strategy Edit

Also see: Tactics

All campaign walkthroughs are done on Normal difficulty in single player, and are meant to give tips on what to do and generally point out things that might otherwise be missed.

There are, of course, a few key things to always remember:

  • Stop, look, and listen.
    • Being observant might alert you to something nasty ahead of time, like a Witch, Special Infected or Tank, and allow you to prepare yourself.
  • Teamwork.
    • This cannot be stressed enough. Left 4 Dead is supposed to be a cooperative game. Communicate with your teammates, if you're playing with others, or if you're by yourself with the AI, point out things they might otherwise miss. In all cases, watch out for each other and take care of each other. You are not going to survive the zombie apocalypse by yourself.
  • Be ready for anything.
  • Don't panic.

The Survivors have reached the police station, but will there be any cops to help them out?


At the beginning AI Survivors will make the following weapon choices:

These choices are not absolute since AI Survivors may occasionally attempt to balance the team's mix of weaponry depending on the choices initially made by human players.

Once a team is healed and generally prepared, proceed into the prison which is reached up flights of stairs. Care should be taken to check the second floor rooms for supplies.

Once these rooms have been checked and cleared, the team should exit via the window, as stepping through the metal detector will trigger a horde. A second metal detector is encountered to the right which is circumvented by again crawling through a nearby window.

On the other side to the left is a large jail area with a broken stairway denoted by a Tank corpse. At this point, when on the lower level, the team must keep an eye out for Smokers waiting in ambush from the upper level. Whilst working through the cell block, teams should do a sweep of all the cells on both the lower and upper floors, as supplies often spawn in these areas.

Once clear of the cell block, a third metal detector will be found which, like the others, can be avoided by crawling through the nearby window.

Next, teams head up the stairs and through the corridors in an administration area whilst making sure to check the offices for spawned supplies. Since there is a possible Tank spawn area up ahead, it is essential that teams are prepared - for example, a Molotov may come in handy. If he does appear, the Tank may spawn behind a closed door, in which case an AI Survivor may open the door and let him loose. As always, team resources, experience and situational circumstances dictate how best to kill him.

Once out of the Tank-risk area, teams press forward, passing a police car that has driven straight through the wall of the police station. An opportunity comes up to re-equip or resupply with an Assault Rifle, and thereafter teams find themselves outside in the police station car park.

Teams leave the car park and head down the street where a flight of stairs leads into an underground restaurant. After checking around inside the freezer and office for supplies, teams head out of a second exit into another street. A second possible Tank spawn point will be encountered near the top of the exit stairs. Teams should note that this Tank is often backed up by Smokers - so a multi-directional firefight is sometimes necessary.

Once out of this danger area, teams go past a truck and drop down into an open manhole leading into the sewers. These sewers are large open areas that provide optimal places for Hunters and Smokers to set up their attacks.

Teams press on through the now-empty sewers until they reach a set of pipes. Unfortunately, a Witch may spawn on these pipes. She will have to be killed since it is necessary to jump up onto the pipes (the catwalk having been destroyed by a steam-gushing pipe) to access a hole leading to a condemned section of subway containing the chapter-ending safe room.

After slamming the safe room door, teams can congratulate themselves and prepare for the next chapter: The City.



  • Francis may often comment on people always obeying cops and instructs the others to pretend they're cops if they find other survivors.
  • There is a humorous sign near the entrance to the police station car park which reads: "Safety belt enforcement is being stepped up everywhere. It doesn't matter where you drive, they will be looking for you. Yes, looking for you. YOU! You cannot hide so accept your fate. Well, unless a zombie apocalypse happens or something, then don't worry about it."
  • There is a dead Tank body in the holding area near the beginning on a broken flight of stairs. This suggests he could have died from the sudden weight of the stairs buckling under him. If this is the case, then this may be a nod to the Introduction Video where a Tank dies after being crushed by a collapsing set of fire escape stairs.
  • Despite the fact that the majority of this level takes place in a prison and police station, there are very few (if any) Infected in police uniforms. (Presumably this is due to most of the police being evacuated - as indicated in one of the graffiti.)
  • When entering the restaurant, the will be a sign on the right: "Hostess will seat you" with the "S" is about to fall, making the "seat" into "eat"


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