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This article/section is typed directly as it is represented in-game and therefore may have spelling errors. Please do not correct spelling mistakes unless it is not as it appears in-game.

A list of Rochelle's Quotes heard so far in Left 4 Dead 2.


  • [When seeing Mudmen in the Zombie Survival Guide Trailer]
    • "What the hell is that?"
  • [In the Zombie Survival Guide Trailer, when the Spitter appears]
    • "This is some grim shit we got ourselves into..."
  • [When fending off the Horde]
    • "Get back! Get back!"
  • [When the military begins to bomb Veterans Memorial Bridge in Zombie Survival Guide trailer]
    • "Stop the bombing run!"
  • [Talking to Ellis in Zombie Survival Guide trailer]
    • "Hey... Kill all sons-a-bitches, right?"


​Chapter CompletedEdit

No CasualtiesEdit

  • "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah."
  • "Oh, hell, yes!"
  • "Shit, we are all right."
  • "I know we can do better."
  • "All right! This party is over!"
  • "Yeah, all bark; no bite."
  • "That was close."
  • "Did we all make it? Yes, we did!"
  • "We almost didn't make it!"
  • "Live and in the flesh!"
  • "Thanks to you guys, I am the baddest woman alive!"
  • "Oh, I think we're going to make it!"
  • "Oh, we kicked ass, yes, we did! Woo!"
  • "Woo! We're really doing this!"
  • "Ooh, we are doing it, all right!"
  • "Ha-ha-ha! We are kickin' it!"
  • "Woo, that's about as close as I like to cut it."
  • "We made it uh huh, uh huh, we made it oh yeah."

With CasualtiesEdit

  • "What happened to us?"
  • "Okay, we can do this! We can do this!"

Waiting For Others Inside the Safe RoomEdit

  • "What in the hell are you doing out there? Get inside!"
  • "Everyone, in here!"

Looking At SurvivorEdit


  • "Hey, suit!"
  • "Nicolas!"
  • "Yo, Nick!"
  • "Nick!"
  • "Suit!"
  • "Hey, fancy man."
  • "Hey, sharp dresser."


  • "Yo, Ellis."
  • "Hey, hee-haw!"
  • "Young'un."
  • "Hey, little guy!"
  • "Yo, young'un!"
  • "Yo, dude!"


  • "Big guy."
  • "Coach."

After a Period of IdlingEdit

  • "Uh, can we get going?"
  • "Time to get going."
  • "C'mon, let's go!"


These are derived from the PC commands when using the Z, X, or C keys.


  • "Oh, hell, yeah!"
  • "Yes."
  • "Why, yes."
  • "Sure."


  • "A-heh. No way."
  • "Seriously. No."
  • "Boy, no way!"
  • "Heh. Oh, please."
  • "NO!"
  • "Oh, no, no, no, no, noooooo."


  • "Check this shit out."
  • "Look."
  • "Look at this."
  • "Look here!"
  • "Watch out."
  • "Over there!"


  • "Blarg!"
  • "Sweet Lincoln's mullet!"
  • "Sweet Jesus!"
  • "Argh!"
  • "Mother of mercy!"


  • "Ohhh, shut up!"
  • "Oh, hell, yes!"
  • "What's up with that?"
  • "Forget about it."
  • "Ha. Who's barking now?"
  • "Yeah, right."
  • "Yeah, that's right."

Follow MeEdit

  • "Hey, c'mon, this way!"
  • "Follow me this way."
  • "Follow me."

Lead the WayEdit

  • "Sure. You lead."
  • "I am right behind ya."
  • "Sure, lead on."
  • "Go on, I'll keep up."
  • "'Kay, go ahead."
  • "All right, I'll follow you."
  • All right I'm with ya.


  • "I'm here, I'm with ya."
  • "I got your back."
  • "Boy, I got your back."

Thank youEdit

  • "Hey. Thanks"
  • To Ellis: "Hoo, thanks, Ellis; I guess I will keep you."
  • "Thanks. I owe you one."
  • "Oh, thanks for that."

Negative responses Edit

  • "Can just one goddamn thing go right?!"
  • "Ohhh, this is bad."
  • "Oh, well... this just sucks."
  • "We are in some deep shit."
  • "Could this get any worse? I don't think so."
  • "Arg. Jesus Christ!"
  • "Goddamn it! Can just one more goddamn thing go wrong?"
  • "We don't have time for this shit!"
  • "This is some grave shit we got ourselves into."

Good JobEdit

  • "Woo! Kick-ass!"
  • "You are on fire today!"
  • "Hey, nice job!"
  • "Oh, hell, yeah!"
  • "Nice shot!"
  • "That was cool!"
  • "Cool!"
  • "Good one!"

Hurry Edit

  • Come on, get the lead out!"
  • "Would you hurry up?"

Health relatedEdit

Reviving Another SurvivorEdit

  • "Oh, baby, we can't have you down there. Now get up."
  • "You're gonna have to suck it up. We need you a little bit longer."
  • "Oh, shit, just... Get up, get up!"
  • "You're comin' or you're just gonna lay there all day... Let's get ya up."
  • "Can't stay down there forever... Let me get ya up."
  • "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to kill yourself. Get up, now."
  • "Ohhh, man. I mean... uh... I mean... you look fine? Let's go."
  • "You've got to stop ending up down here... this is no way to stay alive."
  • "Hell if I'm carrying you, get up! "
  • "Look, the big man upstairs isn't ready to take you yet... let's get you on your feet."
  • "No time for this now... we have to keep you moving, let's get you up."
  • "Don't worry; you'll be fine... let's get you back on your feet."
  • "Come on, now! We don't have time for all this layin' around."
  • "Aah, I knew you'd be okay."
  • "You had me worried there... We can't lose you."
  • "The picture of health, good as new."
  • "Come on, come on, get your ass up."
  • "What in the hell have you gone and done now? Let's get going."
  • [Reviving Coach]
    • "I've got a plan: Let's kill all the zombies, sound good?"
    • Coach: "Sounds like a plan."
  • [Reviving Nick]
    • "So what's wrong with you?
    • Nick: "Nothing much."
    • Rochelle: "I knew you'd be okay."

Reviving Another Survivor On Last DownEdit

  • "You scared the shit outta me. I thought that was it for you... but if you go down again, you're meat."
  • "I'm no nurse, but you look pretty messed up... go down again and that's it..."
  • "You're scaring the shit out of me. You go down again and that's it for you..."
  • "I'm going to get you on your feet, but if we don't get you fixed up, you are not going to make it."
  • "Do you know what that is? I think it used to be inside of you... Go down again and it won't matter..."

Hanging From LedgeEdit

  • "While I am the best-looking girl hanging on a ledge, I wish I wasn't!... Hanging on a ledge I mean..."
  • "Don't even think about leaving me here!"
  • "Can someone help me? Damsel in distress over here!"
  • "OH! For the love of God, someone needs to help me up!"
  • "Hey... I, uh... kind of slipped!"

Helping Survivor Off LedgeEdit

  • "Yeah, you look like a fool hanging down there... Let me help you up."
  • "Come on, boy, I'm not going to let you fall!"
  • "Don't worry; I'm not going to leave you hanging."
  • "Hang on, baby, I'm not going to let you fall."
  • "Did this seem like a good idea to you at some time?"


  • "Damn! I'm down!"
  • "Boys, I'm down!"
  • "Gentlemen, I need some help!"
  • "For the love of God, someone help me!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "Oh, I need some help!"
  • "Hey, guys... I need some help!"


  • "Thanks, I owe you one."
  • *relieved sigh* "Okay, thanks."
  • "That was close."
  • "Oh. Thanks for that."
  • [Dazed and sarcastic]
    • "I'm great... no, this is good... I'm great."
  • [After being helped up by Nick]
    • "Wow, Nick. I guess you do have a heart... A heart of gold!"

Healing SelfEdit

  • "Cover me! I'm gonna heal up."
  • "Cover me, please."
  • "Cover me while I patch myself up."
  • "Do one of you fine gentlemen mind covering me while I heal?"
  • "With my luck, I'm just going to make it worse."
  • "Stop guys, I have to heal."


  • "Whoo! All better now."
  • "Now I'm feeling right!"
  • "Now, that's what I'm talkin' about."

Healing SurvivorEdit

  • "Quit fussing and let me heal you..."
  • "Stop moving so I can heal you."
  • "Shit... you gotta quit moving so I can heal you."
  • "Stand still... Or I am going to mess this up."

Low HealthEdit

  • "Girl, you shoulda stayed at home..."
  • "Girl, you should've stayed with Jacob!"
  • "Knights of Columbus, this hurts!"
  • "Son of a bee... sting. This hurts."
  • "Did this ever seem like a good idea?"
  • "Tonight's top story: Rochelle is not going to make it..."

Black and WhiteEdit

  • "In case anyone was wondering... I'm about to die."
  • "This is how it's going to be, huh?"
  • "I think I really hurt something."
  • "By the beard of Zeus, this hurts!"
  • "This isn't happening... this isn't happening... this isn't happening."
  • "You have got to be kidding me..."
  • "Something's gotta break our way..."
  • "Okay, this was a bad idea."
  • "Son of a bee sting; this hurts!"
  • "Okay, that one really hurt."
  • "Does anyone else feel like crap right now?" (Verge of crying)
  • "This just in: Rochelle isn't going to make it..."
  • "I am too young to feel this old."
  • "This is some grim shit we got ourselves into..."
  • [Voice breaking]
    • "I need to find some health!"
  • "One of you fellas one to carry the cute girl?"
  • "I am too young, too beautiful to die!"

Saved by DefibrillatorEdit

  • "Whoa. So that's what being dead feels like..."
  • "Whoa... I do believe I owe you one."
  • "OW!! That friggin' hurts!"



  • "Pills!"
  • "Pills here!"


  • "I got some pills."
  • "We're going to need these."
  • "I got these pills."
  • "Pills for me."


  • "Now I'm feeling right!"

First AidEdit


  • "First aid here."
  • "First Aid!"
  • "First aid kit!"
  • "There's a first aid kit here!"
  • "First aid kit here!"


  • "Nothing to see... No health kit here..."
  • "Health here!"



  • "Chest paddles here."
  • "Got a defib unit."
  • "Defibrillator here."


  • "Got some chest paddles."


  • "C'mon, dammit, work!"

Adrenaline ShotEdit


  • "Adrenaline shot here."


  • "Grabbing a shot."


Another Survivor is KilledEdit


  • "I'll miss you, Nick. You were good to me."
  • "Ahh, Nick... Well, at least you were dressed for the funeral."
  • "Goodbye, Nick, I'm going to miss you..."


  • "Aw, Ellis, I'm going to miss you..."
  • "Oh, Ellis, what did you go and do?"


  • "Do you think Coach was his first or last name?"
  • "Gonna miss you, Coach..."

If Two Survivors are KilledEdit

  • "Shit, I guess you are the last man on Earth."

Trapped in a Rescue ClosetEdit

  • "Somebody? Anybody? Everybody! Help..."
  • "I need to get out of here!"
  • "Hey guys! Don't leave me behind!"

Weapon RelatedEdit


  • "Axe me a question, I dare you."
  • "Axe!"

Cricket BatEdit

  • "Gonna whack somethin' with this."
  • "Cricket bat here."


  • "Grabbing a katana."
  • "Katana here."

Baseball BatEdit

  • "Oh, I know what to do with this!"


  • "Grabbing a guitar."
  • "Guitar here."

Frying PanEdit

  • "Okay, nobody better make a crack about me being in the kitchen!"
  • "Frying pan!"
  • "This will work."


  • "Crowbar."


  • "Nightstick here."
  • "Grabbing a nightstick."


  • "Got a machete."
  • "Machete here."

Golf ClubEdit

  • "Grabbing a driver!"



  • "Hell, yeah."
  • "Chainsaw here."


  • "DIE!"
  • (Growls)

Submachine GunEdit

  • "... A machine gun!"


  • "Going with the shotgun..."
  • "Shotgun for me."

Hunting Rifle/Sniper RifleEdit

  • "I'm gonna check out this scope."
  • "I'll snipe."

AK-47/Assault Rifle/Combat RifleEdit

  • "I'll try this rifle."
  • "Rifle for me!"
  • "Taking the rifle."

Grenade LauncherEdit

  • "Grenade launcher here!"


  • "Double pistols."


  • "I am in love with this gun!"
  • "Dibs on the Magnum!"
  • "Woo. I love this gun!"
  • "Ooh. This is my new favorite!"
  • "Yeah, you are going to kill some zombies with me!"
  • "Oh, my God."
  • "This can kill some zombies!"
  • "Magnum here!"

Boomer BileEdit


  • "Bottle of... puke, apparently."


  • "That had better not be what I think it is..."
  • "Grabbing a jar of puke."
  • "Grabbing a bile jar."
  • "Grabbing a jar of puke, apparently."


  • "Heads up, bile incoming!"





  • "Momma told me not to play with fire... but..."
  • "Fire time."
  • "I'm grabbin' a molotov."


  • "Molotov out!"
  • "Fire coming!"
  • "Burn, mother--!"
  • "Molotov coming!"
  • "Throwing a molotov!"

Pipe BombEdit


  • "There's a pipe bomb here."
  • "Pipe bomb here."
  • "Pipe bomb."


  • "Grabbing a pipe bomb."
  • "Pipe bomb!"


  • "Pipe bomb out!"

Incendiary AmmoEdit


  • "Incendiary ammo here!"


  • "Let's get a little bonfire going."
  • "Grabbin' incendiary ammo!"


  • "Deploying incendiary ammo!"
  • "Everyone grab some incendiary ammo!"


  • "Fire time."
  • "I'm not playin' now."

Explosive AmmoEdit


  • "Frag rounds here."
  • "Explosive rounds here!"


  • "Grabbin' some frag rounds."


  • "Deploying explosive rounds!"


  • "Cool."

Ammo CacheEdit

  • "Ammo here."


  • "Reloading here!"
  • "Reloading!"

Seeing Weapon CacheEdit

  • "All right! Weapons!"
  • "We have guns here!"
  • "Weapons over here!"

Infected RelatedEdit

Panic EventEdit

  • "Oh, it's on now!"
  • "Get ready."
  • "They're coming..."
  • "Here they come!"
  • "Party time!"
  • "Time to kick some ass."

Killing Special InfectedEdit

  • "That one's mine."
  • "Got it!"
  • "Dead."
  • "Taken care of."
  • "Kicked its ass!"
  • "Kicked it!"



  • "Barf bag!"
  • "Boomer!"
  • "Oh shit, there's a fat guy!"
  • "Big guy!"
  • "Fat guy!"

Vomited onEdit

  • "He just... Vomit."
  • "Damn it! I just washed this!"
  • "Oh, God, eugh!"
  • "Ick! Jesus, ew. Ugh!"
  • "Oh, ugh! Oh, not again!"



  • "Oh, what the hell is that?"


  • "Charger!"
  • "One of those charging things!" (2 versions)

Being PummeledEdit

  • "Charger's got me!"
  • "This thing is crushin' me! "
  • (Grunt) "I'm gettin' my ass... beat."
  • "You've got to shoot this thing!"
  • "It's killing me! Shoot it!"
  • "I'm not playin' with this thing, help!"
  • "Ugh, don't bash, shoot!"
  • "Shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot this thing!"



  • "Ugh, I hear a Hunter."
  • "A Hunter's around. Don't get pounced."
  • "Hear that? I heard some of the infected mutated."
  • "They DID say this infection could mutate..."
  • "Oaohh, Hunter."


  • "Hoodie bastard!"
  • "One of those pouncing things!"
  • "HOODIE!"
  • "HUNTER!"

Pounced onEdit

  • "Ah! Get this thing off me! Help!"
  • "AH! GET IT..."

Survivor is PouncedEdit

  • "Get that thing off him!"



  • "Oh, Shit, I hear a Jockey."
  • "Jockey around.."
  • "I hear one of those little things.."
  • "Uh oh, I hear a, what do you call it, a Jockey?"


  • "Jumper!"
  • "JOCKEY!"

Being RiddenEdit

  • "Get this thing off my head!"
  • "Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!
  • "I can't breathe, get it off me!"
  • "Oh it's, it's on my face!"
  • "I can't see; this thing is on me!"
  • "Let go let go let go!"
  • "Get this thing of me!"

Another Survivor being RiddenEdit

  • "Holy shit, that thing's riding him!"
  • "That thing's riding him!"



  • "SMOKER!"


  • "Smoker's got me!"
  • "No, no-no-no-n--"
  • "What just grabbed me?!"
  • "Ah! Shit! What the hell is going on here?!"
  • "NOOOOO"


  • "Help! Smoker has me..."



  • "SPITTER!"
  • "Crazy neck!"
  • "Green guy!"

Spit IncomingEdit

  • "Watch out, goo!"
  • "Sweet Jesus! This zombie spits burning shit!"
  • "Heads up, goo!"
  • "Goo incoming!"
  • "GOO!"

Spit OnEdit

  • "Ah! What is this shit?!"
  • "Damn, this stuff hurts!"
  • "Burning shit!"
  • "Ow, move!"
  • "Oh Jesus... this zombie spits burning shit!"
  • "Don't step in this shit!"



  • "I'm gonna give that Witch something to cry about. Turn off your light, quiet, NOW."
  • "Listen up, a Witch! Turn your flashlights off."
  • "I hear a Witch crying... kill your light!"


  • "WITCH!"

Witch is Being DisturbedEdit

  • "Who's pissing off the Witch?!?"
  • "Um, guys, that Witch is getting mad."

Witch is StartledEdit

  • "Holy shit!"
  • "Oh shit!"
  • "Sweet Jesus!"
  • "Aw damn!"

Being ChasedEdit

  • "My bad, my bad, my bad!" (Two versions)
  • "Outta my way!" (Two versions)
  • "Kill the damn thing!" (Two versions)
  • "Shoot her! Shoot her!"
  • "Oh shit, she's on my ass!"
  • "My bad!"


  • "Kill it, kill it!"
  • "Don't stop shooting!"
  • "Okay, shoot the shit out of that thing!"
  • "Light it up!"
  • "Shoot it! Shoot it!"
  • "Holy shit, what's that?"
  • "Oh god damn that thing's big!"
  • "Aw, shit! Tank!"
  • [Only said during The Passing while in the port]
    • "Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy Shit! HOLY SHIT!"

Attacked while IncapacitatedEdit

  • "Kill him! KILL HIM!"
  • "Can't you see he's crushing me?!"
  • "Get him off of me! UGH GET HIM OFF OF ME!"
  • "Oh Jesus! Sweet Jesus, get this thing off of me!"

Uncommon InfectedEdit

Hazmat InfectedEdit

  • "Great. Infected in hazmat suits." (Despite this, she actually says "Great. Zombies in hazmat suits.")
  • "Fireproof zombies. Hooray!"

Jimmy Gibbs Jr.Edit

  • "Dibbs on Gibbs!"

Clown InfectedEdit

  • "Kill the clown!"


  • "Holy shit, there really are mud people!"
  • "Shoot the mudmen!"
  • "Mud people!"

Riot InfectedEdit

  • "Spin them around and shoot them in the back!"

Level SpecificEdit

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Dead Center Edit

  • [While in the elevator and another Survivor is dead]
    • "Did we all make it? Who did we lose back there? I think his name was Ellis/Nick/Coach."
  • [At the Campaign start]
    • "I think those things are down there... Grab a weapon."
  • [In disbelief]
    • "Okay. Now I'm killing zombies..."
  • "The media mentioned things worse than zombies..."
  • [Nervous]
    • "We should grab some weapons. I work in the news and the news says we should definitely grab some weapons."
  • "I've been hearing about things... you know what? Never mind... but just... grab a weapon."
  • [Studying the map]
    • "Reports were really fragmented... CEDA never told anyone it was this bad."
  • "I think CEDA should have been telling us to do more than just wash our hands."
  • "It looks like Atlanta's already fallen."
  • "Look at this map... Guys, we need to get to New Orleans. Fast."
  • [When hearing Hunter's growling for the first time]
    • "Reports says that there's something that is worse than zombies"
  • [Entering Whitaker's Gun Shop]
    • "Oh, sweet Jesus, look at all these guns!"
  • "Would you look at all these guns?!"
  • [Talking to Whitaker before entering The Mall]
    • "Don't worry, mister, we'll get you that cola!"
  • [After finishing the gun store panic event]
    • [Whispering] "Oh, shit, I think I grabbed diet cola. We should get outta here. [Yelling to Whitaker] Hey, thanks, mister!"
  • [Seeing Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Poster]
    • "Anybody know who the racecar guy is?"
    • Ellis: "Only the greatest stock car racer of all time. Try readin' a book sometime."
    • Rochelle: "Jimmy Gibbs Jr... yay."
  • [On Ellis' escape plan]
    • "Okay. So plan A is find this car... Plan B is we stay in this mall and die."
  • "Well... it's a plan. I don't know if it's a good plan, but it's a plan..."

The Passing Edit

The RiverbankEdit

  • [Encountering Zoey in the Intro]
    • Zoey: "Hello down there!"
    • Rochelle: "Oh, thank God! I thought I might be the last woman on Earth."
    • Zoey: "Yeah... I know that feeling."
  • Nick: "I'm telling you the last goddamn time: Lower the goddamn bridge so we can get our goddamn car across, you greasy vest-wearing monkey."
    • Francis: "Ahhh go to Hell, suit."
    • Rochelle: "Hey, boys! Okay, if we get to the other side, can you help us lower it?"
    • Francis: "Hell yeah, I'll help you."
    • Rochelle: "See, Nick? You should try being nice sometime. Thank you!"
  • [To Francis in the Intro]
    • Rochelle: "Hey there, can you lower the bridge?"
    • Francis: "If I could, I would. Can't. Get to the other side and we can lower it together."
    • Rochelle: "Is the road even clear to the other side?"
    • Francis: "Yeah."
    • Rochelle: "Then it's a date!"
    • Francis: "Hell yeah!"
  • [To Francis in the Intro]
    • "Lower the bridge and I'll tell you how old I am!"
  • [To Francis in the Intro]
    • "If you help us lower the bridge, I'll give you a kiss."
  • "Coach, you know anything about this under-the-river tour?"
    • Coach: "I don't know. Goes under the river."
      [Alternate Line] "Uhh... yeah, it's historic."
    • Rochelle: "Well, okay... Good enough."
  • [Reacting to the Bride Witch]
    • "You see? This is why I hate weddings."
    • "This is one wedding where I don't mind being the bridesmaid."
    • "Something old, something new, something about to rip your guts out..."
    • "I don't know what she's crying about, but at least she got married..."

The UndergroundEdit

  • [In Safe Room]
    • Coach: "All this runnin' around we been doing? Shit, I bet I lost, what, five pounds."
    • Rochelle: "Anyone who survives this shit is going to be in great shape!"
      "You look good Coach!"
  • "Ellis, honey... I've been thinking. Somewhere down the road, do you mind if we trade up for a car with... say, working doors and a backseat?"
  • [Checking out Jukebox]
    • "Ugh. This jukebox sucks."
  • Rochelle: "Do you really think we can trust that guy?"
    • Nick: "What's the matter, sweetie, playing hard to get?"
    • Rochelle: "What?"
    • Nick: "I saw the way you were looking at him."
    • Rochelle: "You're outta your mind!"
    • Nick: "He could be the one."
    • Rochelle: "Then again, he is better looking than you."
  • Coach: "The city of Rayford: Used to have a boiled peanut festival here. Bunch of good memories."
    • Rochelle: "I have good memories, too... of having never been to a boiled peanut festival."
  • "Get into the pool hall."
  • Rochelle: "Motivated. Okay, we've got to get motivated. Hey, Ellis, I hear there's a stock car museum in New Orleans."
    • Ellis: "Get outta here! All right!"
    • Rochelle: "Coach, we make it to New Orleans, there's a cheeseburger museum!"
    • Coach: "Oh. In my heart, I'm there already."
    • Rochelle: "Hey, Nick there's a-"
    • Nick: "Yeah, no, I'm good. I'm good."
  • [Crossing the plank between buildings] "I am not looking down."
  • "Hey, Nick. Splash fight?"
    • Nick: "Don't you dare."
  • Ellis: "Nick, there's a turd on your shoulder."
  • "Hey, Nick, this your suitcase?"
  • "Why is it always water?"
  • "Stay off the dirt. It's historical."
  • "I hope Phase Two is as good as Phase One."
  • "Maybe there's no zombies down there... Who am I kidding?"
  • "Phase Two? Wait, Phase One was finished?"
  • "Only in the South would this pass as a museum."
  • "Five dollars well spent."
  • "I never had so much fun learning."
  • "That was almost as bad as the Seattle underground museum."
  • "Phase Two is a lot more interesting than Phase One..."
  • [In response to Ellis finding a 'candy bar']
    • "Oh, Ellis! I'm not laughing! I'm not, I'm not laughing."

The PortEdit

  • "Hey, Nick, you've got something on your shoulder."
  • [Meeting Original Survivors at Finale]
    • Francis: "'Dee-Pec Mode'. Classy. Nice shirt, Rochelle."
    • Rochelle: "Thanks, Francis. Nice vest."
    • Zoey: "Francis? Really? Tell me you're joking."
    • Francis: "What? Obviously she's a woman of taste."
    • Rochelle: "Yeah. Thanks, but in the meantime, we should get to work on that generator..."
    • Zoey: "Uh, okay. You guys go down to the generator and get it working. I'm going to stay here and vomit."
  • [In the Safe Room before meeting up with the Survivors]
    • Nick: "What are you nervous about? You had your chance, and you didn't do shit. Now, you can watch Nick take care of business."
    • Rochelle: "Nick, as one of the last two women in the world, I can say half of the women in the world hate you."

Dark Carnival Edit

The HighwayEdit

  • "Down this off-ramp."
  • "You guys see those searchlights? I say we head there."
  • "Highway's blocked! We can cut through this motel!"
  • [Motel]
    • "Through this room."
    • "Down here."
  • [Sliding down hill]
    • ​"Whoa."
  • "We can get up here."

The FairgroundsEdit

  • "Umm, guys, this is the ladies room."
    • Nick "Excuse me." / "Don't look at me like that."
  • "I think I've had nightmares with this peanut."
  • "Look at that, its eyes follow you."
  • [Crescendo Event]
    • "Gate's open!"

The CoasterEdit

  • "This is the most relaxing safe room I have ever been in."
  • [Moving through an air duct beside the Tunnel of Love]
    • "Ah, the air duct of love."
  • [Helicopter flying overhead]
    • "A helicopter!"
  • "Down this hole."
  • "Over this fence."
  • [At the control for The Screaming Oak roller coaster, starting the Crescendo Event]
    • "I'm starting it!"
  • [While running on the coaster tracks]
    • "Follow the tracks, guys!"
  • [After turning off alarm]
    • "Alarm's off!"

The BarnsEdit

  • "The clown's attracting a horde!"
  • [Seeing the barn]
    • "Through there!"
  • "Through this door."
  • [Hitting control to start crescendo event]
    • "Got it!"

The ConcertEdit

  • [Figuring out Coach's plan involving the Midnight Riders]
    • "... And that will signal the chopper! Coach, that's brilliant! ... I'm sorry about all the bad things I said about your crappy band..."
  • [Hearing Coach's plan]
    • "Ah! That's pretty smart, Coach!"
  • "Hit the lights!"
  • "Lights!"
  • [Seeing the rescue chopper arrive at the finale]
    • "Coach, you are the smartest man alive!"
    • "Coach's crazy idea worked!"
  • "Gee, my bedroom was painted like this... baby blue... I think maybe my dad wanted a boy..."

Swamp Fever Edit

Plank CountryEdit

  • [Continuing Coach's phrase at the start of Swamp Fever]
    • "When they say, 'Stay out,' I'm sure they meant someone else."
  • [Agreeing with Nick's shooting of the pilot]
    • "That's true. If I had to pick a low point in the flight, it would probably be when he stopped flying the chopper and... attacked us. Anyone know where we are?"
  • "So, Nick, what do you think the chances are the swamp people are still alive?"
    • Nick: "What, alive and Infected, or alive and not zombies?"
    • Rochelle: "Not zombies."
    • Nick: "100 to 1."
    • Rochelle: "Sounds about right."
  • [Responding to Ellis about the blood farmers]
    • "Blood farmers? Boy, what in the hell are you talking about?"
  • "Okay, stay on the walkway."
    • Coach: "Girl's got the right idea."
  • "We should search the houses for supplies."
  • [Reading the 'No Swimming' sign at the ferry]
    • "You're telling me they actually had to post a sign to keep people from swimming in the gator pool? All right..."
    • "No swimming in the Gator Park. Good to know!"
    • "No swimming in the Gator Park. Fair enough."
  • [Reaching the ferry]
    • "It looks like they've all left... and gone deeper into the swamp. Well, great."
  • [Reaching the ferry]
    • "It looks like they've all headed to the village... deeper into the swamp. Great."
  • "Earl's Gator Village? This just keeps getting better..."
  • [At the dock]
    • ​"Activate the ferry."
    • "Ferry's coming."
  • [When ferry arrives]
    • "Everyone, on the ferry!"
    • "Okay, get on the ferry!"
    • "Time to ride the ferry!"
  • [On the ferry]
    • "Ellis, does that tattoo mean anything?"
    • Ellis: "Oh, this here? It means I'm a badass zombie-killin' machine."
    • Rochelle: "Wow. You must have amazing foresight to get that."
  • [At the junction in the walkway]
    • "Should we go right or left?"
  • [Reaching the Drainage Pipe Safe Room]
    • "That's an encouraging sign. There's still power!"
    • "I can see a light!"

The SwampEdit

  • [Inside the safe rouse]
    • "Does anyone have any bug spray?"
    • Ellis: "Ooh--you could try covering yourself in mud."
  • [Stepping into the swamp]
    • "Okay, this is creepy."
    • "I guess this is where the drain pipe drained..."
  • [Wandering in the swamp]
    • "I am sick to death of this mud."
    • "Good thing I'm wearing boots..."
    • "Okay. Enough of the mud, already!"
    • "My feet are never going to dry..."
  • [Observing the Plane Wreckage]
    • "Zombies hit mid-flight I guess..."
    • "Holy shit... A downed plane!"
  • [At the emergency door of the fallen plane at the Crash Site]
    • "You're kidding me. The only way forward is through an emergency door?"
    • "Okay, get ready, once we open this door, the alarm will sound!"
    • "Only way is through the door."
  • [Opening the Airplane Hatch]
    • "I've always wanted to do this."
    • "Okay, I'm opening the door!"
  • "Hey, the village is this way!"
  • [Yelling]
    • "Hello?!"
  • "Maybe people are here!"
  • "Oh, shit, they didn't make it..."
  • [Nearing the safe rouse]
    • "Hello, hello, swamp people are you there?"
    • "God damn it, the swamp people are zombies. Oh, zombie swamp people, I'm sorry... I gotta shoot you."
    • "Oh, shit, they didn't make it..."

The ShantytownEdit

  • [Searching the Shantytown for supplies]
    • "We should look around and see if they left supplies."
    • "If anybody could survive this... it would be people who live like this..."
  • "We aren't going to find anyone here."
  • "Hey, Ellis. A bathtub... heard of one before?"
  • [Observing the pile of dead animal carcasses]
    • "We had heard reports that the infection might spread through mammals, but..."
    • Ellis: "So they just killed them all?"
    • Rochelle: "Better safe than sorry, I guess."..
  • "See the stairs?"
  • "Through this house!"
  • [At the bridge]
    • "Okay, we need to lower this bridge."
    • "Okay, bridge coming down!"
  • [At End of Shantytown]
    • "There's the grounds!"

The PlantationEdit

  • "Let's head down this road."
  • "There's the plantation house!"
  • [At the plantation house]
    • "Go up the scaffolding."
  • "Let's try the radio."
  • [Activates radio]
    • "Can anyone hear me?
  • [Responding to Virgil]
    • "We're at the plantation house."
  • [At end, running towards the boat]

Hard Rain Edit

The MilltownEdit

  • "This should be easy; we just need to grab some diesel."
  • [Reading the sign about gas shortages]
    • "'Next gas two miles.' Well, shit."
  • [As the rain begins]
    • "Um, does it flood around here?"
  • "We're gonna be coming back through here, so keep an eye out for the landmarks.
  • [Upon sighting the playground]
    • "Through that playground!"
  • [At the house with a garage sale]
    • "We can cut through this garage sale!"
  • [Near safe room]
    • "There's a safe room up there!

The Sugar MillEdit

  • "Oh, it's really coming down hard."
  • "Rain's really coming down."
  • [Noticing another Witch crying]
    • "How many goddamn witches are there?"
  • "Up that ramp!"
  • [While in the Sugar Mill]
    • "Hey, we can take that elevator down to the field."
  • [At stairs]
    • "We can get up here!"
  • [At elevator]
    • "Hey! There's the gas station!"
  • [Pressing elevator button]
    • "I hit it!"

Mill EscapeEdit

  • "Back through the field."
  • "We can take the elevator back up!"
  • "Back down the stairs!"
  • "Up this pipe!"
  • "Cross here."
  • [After it starts raining harder]
    • "I can't see a damn thing."

Return to TownEdit

  • [On leaving the gas station]
    • "Does everybody have enough gas? 'Cause I do not want to make this trip twice."
  • [Exiting safe room]
    • "This flooded fast."
  • "There's the porch light we passed on the way in."
  • [Spotting the playground]
    • "The playground! We're almost outta here!"

Town EscapeEdit

  • [ Responding to Ellis' suggestion about the Burger Tank sign]
    • "Yeah, that might work."
    • Rochelle: "STAY CLOSE!"
  • [Switching on the sign]
    • "Sign is on!"
  • "Get ready!"

The Parish Edit

The WaterfrontEdit

Waiting for info

The ParkEdit

  • [At the sign outside the bathroom]
    • ​Coach: "'Report the sick.'"
    • Ellis: "Report the sick?"
    • Rochelle: "Don't worry, Ellis, they mean the flu, not in the head."
  • [When passing The Park bathrooms]
    • "Ugh. Whats that smell?"
    • Ellis: "Smells nice, don't it?"
    • Coach: "Smells like people been living here and shit."
  • [When seeing the "Where is CEDA?" graffiti in The Park]
    • "Good question. Where is CEDA? I just see zombies... "
    • "Looks like they were routing people through here."

The CemeteryEdit

  • [At Impound Lot]
    • "Careful, alarm cars everywhere."
    • "Everyone, just watch where you shoot."
  • "Up this ladder!"
  • "There's the freeway!"
  • [On being bombed by the military]
    • "What are they doing!?"

The QuarterEdit

  • "Something tells me they're not checking for survivors anymore..."
  • [When a bomb goes off nearby]
    • "Holy shit!"
  • [At the parade float]
    • "I'm starting it!"
  • [Seeing Veterans Memorial Bridge]
    • "There's the bridge!"
    • "There's the bridge... you're sure they're going to be there?"

The BridgeEdit

  • [Activating comm]
    • "Hello?
  • [Responding to soldier]
    • "This is someone who could use some help."
    • Soldier: "Are you immune?"
    • Rochelle: "We are not infected."
    • Soldier: "Negative bridge. Are you immune? Have you encountered the infected?
    • Rochelle: "Yes, yes, yes, we are immune."
  • "We're on our way. Thank you."
  • [After bridge lowers]
    • "Let's move."

Friendly FireEdit

  • "Check yourself before you wreck yourself, fool!"
  • "That better have been an accident!"
  • "Don't make me get ugly with you!"
  • "I hope that was an accident!"
  • "Sweet Jesus, you shot me!"
  • "STOP IT!"
  • "Stop shooting me!"
  • "Somebody shot me..."
  • "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey... Seriously?"
  • "Hey, what's your name? Don't shoot me!"
  • "You got some serious issues with that gun."
  • "Have you lost your mind?"
  • "Okay. I cannot believe you just shot me."
  • "Ow. HEY!"
  • "Try shooting some damn zombies."
  • "Do. Not. Shoot me."
  • "What is up with you shooting me?!"
  • "Watch where you're shooting!"
  • "What the hell are you doing?!"
  • "Who the hell shot me?"
  • "Oh, no, you didn't just shoot me!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Watch it!"
  • "Did you shoot me?!"


  • [At the beginning of Scavenge Mode]
    • "Find some gas, guys!"


  • "Damn, it is cold!"
  • "It's cold as Cleveland in December."
  • "I could use a jacket right now."
  • "Train station!"
  • "All aboard! Toot-toot!"
  • "That's a basic training camp."
  • "Popcorn! I love popcorn! You, Coach?"
  • "Nick! This looks familiar?"

Badwater BasinEdit

  • "Push the cart!"
  • "Would you push the cart?"

Discreaper ReduxEdit

  • "This is gonna be a hell of a night!"
  • "Damn, it's windy."

Haunted Forest, by Dr. BooEdit

  • "Great! Like zombies aren't bad enough, we have ghosts!"


These can be found among the Steam files but either can't be found or don't play in game.

  • (world04) "We're here, Crescent City. I'll tell you now, I'm not showing anyone my tits."
  • "Guys, guys! Now is not the time for a pissing contest! The building is on fire; let's get off this roof while we still can."

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