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Richardson Atlantic Freight Company
State Pennsylvania
Campaigns Blood Harvest
"Bet we can get to the tracks from that building."
"Follow the train tracks!"

Richardson Atlantic is a freight depot railway company that operates in the Northeast area of the United States and is the main location for the Survivors in the Blood Harvest campaign.


It is assumed that this freight company has been around for decades delivering goods and freight across the U.S. It is possible that the company may have been working alongside the Hersch Shipping Company, to deliver freight and supplies to local area depots. The company also transports passengers as a public train station can be seen in The Train Station chapter.

Current StatusEdit

The Survivors use Richardson Atlantic's railway system to follow it to the military outpost at Evacuation Outpost Echo. A warehouse depot is briefly seen in the first chapter, The Woods and its interior is explored throughly in the second chapter The Tunnel where the Survivors must open an alarmed door to continue on through the level. Once the Survivors reach a freight yard, they must use a boxcar to knock down a bridge to continue on to the safe room. Richardson Atlantic also owns and operates a local passanger train station where they would pick up and drop off passengers; however, the station is destroyed by the Infection and Infected. Finally, the Survivors run across a bridge to the caboose of a train and take cover inside before continuing on until they hit a blocked tunnel and head up to the evacuation outpost at Daughtery Farm.


  • The company is seen throughout the entire Blood Harvest campaign.
  • The railroad tracks serve as a guiding tool for the Survivors, leading them to the farmhouse.
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