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Gas Station 2
Pump 'N' Run Gas
State Fairfield, Pennsylvania
Campaigns No Mercy

Pump 'N' Run Gas is a gas station in the city of Fairfield and plays a minor role as a location in the No Mercy campaign of Left 4 Dead.


A gas station facing onto a strangely conceived urban space next to a Hersch Shipping Company trucking warehouse, loading dock, office buildings, and a Burger Tank fast food outlet, it has two fuel pumps, payphones, and sells bags of either concrete or charcoal near the pumps. Even though the station seems somewhat secluded, it still makes enough to stay open and keep a more modern look to the building and structure.

Current StatusEdit

When Fairfield was undergoing mass evacuation and many areas and parts of the city being placed under quarantine as per CEDA, many fleeing residents filled up and took as much gas as they could to get out of the city. After having sold most of the gas, the owner(s) barricaded the store and left the city as well. Due to the hidden location of this gas station, most people did not know it was there or existed; therefore, some gas was still left over in the fuel pumps.

When the Survivors leave the Pawn Shop, they pass through the Burger Tank restaurant and head over to the lift which would allow them to access the Hersch Shipping warehouse and continue on. The lift makes a loud racket when activated which summons the horde. By firing at the nearby gas station's pumps, the gas station will explode killing nearby Infected (and incautious Survivors) caught too close to the blast zone. Once the lift is up and the horde has settled down, the Survivors continue on to Mercy Hospital leaving the gas station in a pile of rubble.



  • The gas station explosion is far louder and can be seen better throughout the city by the Infected yet it does not cause a panic event; however, starting the lift mechanism which is quieter and less noticable does.
  • If a Witch spawns near the fuel pumps, it presents an opportunity to eliminate her using damage from the gas station explosion.
  • The gas station is similar to that of its counterpart in Left 4 Dead 2, Ducatel Diesel.
  • Out of all the gas stations in the entire Left 4 Dead series, the Pump 'N' Run gas station is the only one that can explode.
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