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This article is not canon. No Parking is a creation made by the community, and not by Valve.

Noparking alpha
No Parking
Tagline "Not everyone gets along....."
Creator Lou Saffire

1. No Parking

"Bill and the crew made it to The Passing, but they never mentioned who they met along the way..."

No Parking is a single-map Custom Campaign set somewhere between Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 just before the events of The Sacrifice. The map also placed second in the "Custom Boss contest" on the

The Survivors find themselves battling through an underground car park, upon meeting Whitaker, where we see he has been busy since meeting the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors and has built himself a custom armored van equipped with a very nasty chainsaw among other unpleasant methods to dispose of the Infected.

Players quickly realize that the weapons pile, which the players innevitably take, belongs to Whitaker, who is not impressed and so begins the final showdown between Bill, Zoey, Francis, Louis, and Whitaker.


The intro cutscene begins with a panning shot of one of the lots, showing the name of the map and its creator, which then smash cuts to the original Survivors in an elevator. Zoey asks if one day everything will return to normal, with Bill replying, "I don't think so." As the elevator door opens, the typical supplies can be found nearby; First Aid, pistols and melee weapons, including a defibrillator usually nearby. Some Tier 1 weaponry can also be found among the cars, but it's usually only a Submachine Gun. On the opposite end of the lot, there is a large barricade constructed from crates, fences, and burning cars. The only way through is to shoot a special Scavenge gas can, where its gasoline will ignite the car fire, causing an explosion, clearing the way to the next lot. An interesting thing to note is that the Survivors seem to take no damage from the explosion or fire. Another thing to take advantage of is Infected cannot reach you when the blockade is still up, so if a Special Infected is behind the barricade, such as a Witch, you can attack and kill her before destroying the barricade without much worry.

Once inside the second lot, players can find some interesting things, such as fake movie posters starring the various Survivors of both Left 4 Deads, as well as graffiti pictures on the walls reminiscent of the Half-Life series. There are also several zombie corpses places throughout, which can be looted to get items such as grenades, pills, or adrenaline. There is also an ambulance with other healing items inside in a corner of the lot. If one were to search around enough, there appears to be no way to advance, as all the other exits are blocked off by gates, which cannot be opened. The only way to advance is to follow a help message saying to have a look inside a makeshift hideout in the center of the lot, which contains various Tier 2 weaponry, medpacks, pills, and oddly Cola, however it cannot be picked up. There is also graffiti inside saying "LOOTERS WILL BE SHOT". Once all 4 (or remaining) Survivors are inside the hideout, a cutscene plays, without pausing the gameplay itself. WARNING: During the following cutscene, Special Infected can still attack.

The cutscene begins with a large armored van entering in from another lot, (ironically with the gate still being closed), stopping relatively close to the Survivors, revealing that the driver is in fact Whitaker, who seems to have gone a bit crazy after the events of Dead Center (this may be due to the infection or just for humourous gameplay). Whitaker introduces himself as the gun shop owner, and quickly claims the survivors to be looters, as the weapon stash in the hideout is actually his, and is not happy with his weaponry being stolen by the Survivors. Francis then claims he has an idea, which mainly includes stealing the van from Whitaker, where Bill soon tells Francis to shut up. Whitaker then challenges Francis to try, claiming "I own a lot of guns, son." Francis then tells Whitaker to pull his head out his ass, after which, Whitaker, obviously angered, continues driving, and throws a custom suitcase bomb into the hideout, warning the survivors to get their hands off his store. Zoey then claims, "There goes the easy way...", and the fight begins. "One Bad Tank" then plays as the fight begins.

As the fight starts between the Survivors and the once-sane gun shop owner, it is a good thing to know what exactly Whitaker is capable of. Whitaker mainly drives around the lot in his van and attacks by firing his M16 Assault Rifle in his windshield, cutting the Survivors with his Chainsaw and barbed wire on either side of his vehicle, running them over with the van itself, tossing out suitcase bombs, and occasionally honking his horn to attract a horde. BE WARNED: Bots are not very reliable here, they won't fight back against Whitaker, and can also get stuck under his van, become incapacitated, and die.

When the fight begins, a help message pops up informing the Survivors to take out Whitaker's armor, which is comprised of road signs placed along the front of the van. There are four signs that must be destroyed before the fight can advance. The signs do take quite a bit of damage, so be sure to focus on taking them quickly so that Whitaker doesn't do a large amount of damage. Caution must be taken care of, as Whitaker can fire at you, so hiding behind cars is a viable option when badly damaged. Once all 4 pieces of Whitaker's sign armor are gone, another help message pops up quoting, "Gas pipes overhead...". The Survivors must damage the nearby pipes enough before continuing. A melee weapon is suggested to break the pipes quickly. The Survivors must then open up three valves placed on support pillars around the lot, which must be interacted with for several seconds each. Once all three valves are open, the survivors are instructed to "Light Whitaker up...", and must shoot a gas can on the roof of the van, which causes a fire. You can do this beforehand, but there is no instruction to do so. Whitaker then drives around for an random amount of time before crashing his van into a pillar right next to an ammo pile, coughing from the fire's smoke. Another thing to note is that the coughing noises Whitaker makes consist of Coach and Ellis coughing. BE WARNED, Whitaker CAN and WILL still fire at you, even from his crashed state. Also, if a Survivor is near the pillar where Whitaker crashes, they can get stuck, and can only be freed if they die, and are brought back to life with a defibrillator.

After defeating Whitaker, (who tries to start up his van again,) the Survivors must open up the gate that he first entered through to advance (which, as stated before, never opened up in the first place). Once the gate has opened and the Survivors are all well inside the next lot, the fight continues, with Whitaker entering in from the previous lot unannounced. Whitaker does not seem to shoot at the Survivors during this portion of the fight, so there is not as much intensity. "Midnight Tank" plays this time during this portion of the fight.

To deal with Whitaker once and for all, the Survivors are given two options to dispose of him. Near an elevator (which is used as the exit point for the campaign) are two options: "Fix the Power", by interacting with a powerbox, or, "Use the .50 Cal," by interacting with a militaryman's corpse. The "Fix the Power" option does not have the Survivors fight Whitaker directly, rather just continue to avoid him. "Fix the Power" has the Survivors first fix a powerbox on the opposite end of the lot, search for a gas can among the luggage of a crashed truck, fill up a generator near a large power conduit in the center of the lot with said can, and simply wait for Whitaker to crash into the conduits. "Use the .50 Cal" has the Survivors unlock a machine gun nest on top of a crashed military Humvee, build it, retrieve the ammunition for it, (which located in the same place where the gas can is for the "Fix the Power" option), load said ammo in to the nest, and attack Whitaker with the machine gun. There is no credible notice when Whitaker will crash, so be patient. A Tank can also appear during this part of the fight, so be careful. If lucky, Whitaker will run him over, and the Tank will get stuck on his roof, unable to get out. Just remember, anything can happen when bots aren't made for unusual events like in this campaigm.

When Whitaker is finally finished, another cinematic plays out where he crashes his van into one of the previously mentioned power conduits, electricity flowing and smoke pouring out of the van's motor. Common Infected also seem to focus on the van after it crashes, though this is not always the case. After his defeat, the Survivors must make a quick dash for the ending elevator, as a Tank will crash through a wall to attack when close to the elevator. This can be spotted easily as the game goes into slow-motion when he crashes through. When all the Survivors are in the elevator, (with the Tank being able to follow,) a cinematic plays as the elevator's doors close in slo-mo from outside the lot. Infected can be seen running towards the elevator, uselessly pounding on the doors trying to get inside as the view zooms out. A smash cut pans up to reveal a heavily-injured Whitaker (appearing as a custom-textured Fallen Survivor) coughing and limping away from his van. As the Infected run past ignore the gun store owner, he then becomes one of them. Yet another has fallen to the Green Flu.

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