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ParkGraffitiZombielove "I'm gonna teach your ass how to read."
This article/section is typed directly as it is represented in-game and therefore may have spelling errors. Please do not correct spelling mistakes unless it is not as it appears in-game.

A list of Louis' Quotes and cut quotes, also known as Captions, in Left 4 Dead.


  • [ Upon hearing an incoming horde ] "Oh shit, SHIT, SHIIT! THEY'RE COMING!"
  • [ Upon startling the Witch ] "WHAT THE?!"
  • [ While shooting the Witch ] "AHHHH! DIE! DIE! DIE!"
  • [ While shooting the Witch ] "DO YOU NOT DIE?!"
  • [ Calling out to a passing helicopter ] "Heeeey! We're over here! We're not infected! Down here! Dammit!"
  • [ When pounced by the Hunter ]  "GET IT!"
  • [ Asking Bill the attack plan for an incoming Tank ] "Run, or shoot? RUN OR SHOOT?"
  • [ While running down an alleyway and pointing out a staircase to the rooftops ] "Get to the roof!"
  • [ Upon dodging the Tank's rock throw ] "Heads up!"
  • [ Upon reaching the safety of the roof ] "We made it...I can't believe we made it!"


  • "Well, it can only get better, right?"
  • "Stay positive, guys! I've got a good feeling about this!"
  • "Humanity's gonna bounce right back - you watch!"
  • "When things go back to normal, Zoey, Bill, I'm giving you both jobs. Francis, I'm gonna teach yo ass how to read."
  • "Oh c'mon, cheer up, we're almost through."
  • "Guys at the office used to laugh at me when I hit the rifle range at lunch. Ain't so damn funny now, is it?!"
  • "How long were you in prison, Francis?"
  • "They comin'! You guys ready?"
  • " bad. Ahhaha, I am bad! Yes I am! Whooo! That's right, let's call ourselves the Unstoppables!"
  • "Oh yeah! Who's yo mama?! Who's yo daddy?!"
  • [ Arrival to the finale ] "I knew we were going to make it!"
  • "[ Belch ] 'Scuse me."

The following are lines used on the PC "commands" and "responses" lists when (by default) typing Z or X.

"Yes" responsesEdit

  • "I'm cool with that."
  • "Yes."
  • "Cool."
  • "Okay."
  • "Allright"
  • "Yeah"

"No" responsesEdit

  • "That's some country-ass bullshit!"
  • "No way."
  • "Nope."
  • "Not a chance."
  • "No."
  • "No way man."
  • "Uh uh"

"Hurrah" responsesEdit

  • “BOOM-diah!"
  • “WOOOOOO! Baby, aw riiiight!"
  • “Hell yeah!"
  • “Nothing can stop us!"
  • “We are gonna be OK!"
  • “They can`t stop us now!"
  • “I-am bad. I AM BAD. YES I AM. WHOO!"
  • "We're gonna be okay."
  • “Nothing can stop us, you hear me, nothing!"
  • "Nice job."

"Arrgh" responsesEdit

  • “Oh! Nooooo!"
  • “Ohhhhhh!"

"Wait" responsesEdit

  • "Hold up, lets wait here"
  • "Chill, lets wait here"
  • "Hold up, hold up"

"Thank you" responsesEdit

  • “Yo, thanks man."

"Let's go" commandsEdit

  • "All right, let's go."
  • "Time to move" (alternative that has a typo misspelling "Time" as "Tme)
  • "Let's go."
  • "Let's move, let's move!"
  • "I really think we should keep moving."
  • "Whaddya say we get moving?"
  • "Let's go."

"Lead on" commandsEdit

"Look" commandsEdit

  • “Safe house up ahead!"
  • “Oh, man. Look at this!"
  • “Look at this."
  • "Oh man, you better look at this."
  • “Check this out."
  • “Over there."
  • “Look!"

Health relatedEdit

Looking at PillsEdit

  • “Grab some pills over here!"
  • "Pills here!"

Taking PillsEdit

  • "Grabbin' pills."
  • "I'd better grab everything I can."
  • "All I know is I'm grabbin PILLS!"

Giving PillsEdit

  • “Take this."
  • “Here, I got something for you."

Taking First Aid KitEdit

  • “Grabbing First Aid."

Zoey DiesEdit

  • "Damn, Zoey.." (chokes up)
  • "Zoey! My plans! MY PLANS!"
  • "Zoey! Goddammit!"

Bill DiesEdit

  • "Bill! Aw, shit!'
  • "This shit was not in my plans!"
  • “Oh shit, Shit, SHIT!"

Francis DiesEdit

  • "Francis! No!"
  • "Jesus, Francis, no! Francis!"

Medium HealthEdit

  • [ To Zoey ] "Zoey, any chance I could get some First-Aid?"
  • [ To Francis ] "Francis, mind spottin' me a Med-kit?"
  • [ To Bill ] "Bill, could I get some First-Aid?"

Critically Low HealthEdit

  • "I ain't dyin' man, death gonna have to pry me off the Earth."
  • "If I go down, go on without me—actually no, wait, save my ass."
  • "Any of you guys cub scouts? Surprisingly ineffective at preparing you for some shit like this!"
  • "I ain't got time to bleed! Oh hell, I am bleeding!"
  • "Oh man...every damn thing hurts."
  • "I don't wanna die. I know nobody wants to die, but...I'm like fifty times that!"
  • "At this rate...I...I'm not gonna make it..."


  • “Can't anyone hear me? I need some help over here!"
  • “What part of help you don't understand?! HELP!"
  • [ Screams ]
  • “Need a little help over here!"
  • “Can't you hear me?! I need some help!"
  • “I NEED some HELP!"

Healing SelfEdit

  • “Wait up while I heal."

Zoey has Low HealthEdit

  • "Go on and heal up, girl."

Bill has Low HealthEdit

  • “Maybe you oughta heal up."

Francis has Low HealthEdit

  • “Hey tough guy, heal up."
  • “Francis, you should use your med-kit."

Being RevivedEdit

  • "Yo, thanks, man."

If Zoey is Incapacitated outside Safe RoomEdit

  • "Zoey! Oh, no. What do we do?"

If Bill is Incapacitated outside Safe RoomEdit

  • "Bill! C'mon guys, lets go help 'im."

If Francis is Incapacitated outside Safe RoomEdit

  • "C'mon, aren't we gonna help him?"

Hanging From LedgeEdit

  • "Help me, I need some help!"
  • "Don't you hear me? I need some help!"
  • "I need some help over here!"

Reviving SurvivorEdit

  • "I'm no doctor, but you're not dead yet. Let's get you back up, okay?"
  • [ When Bill says "Who are you?" if Louis helps him up ] "It's me, Louis! Come on, man."
  • "You'll be okay."
  • "You gonna make it?"
  • [ When a survivor is on last down ] I can help you up, but Jesus, you shouldn't be alive, man. If we don't find you some first aid, you're not gonna survive another hit.

Healing SurvivorEdit

  • “This should last until we're safe."
  • "Hold on, this'll help."
  • “Hold up, I'm gonna heal you."

Weapon relatedEdit

Seeing Pipe BombEdit

  • “Pipe bomb here!"
  • “Pipe bomb!"

Taking Pipe BombEdit

  • "This shit looks real jury-rigged."
  • "Grabbing a pipe bomb."

Throwing Pipe BombEdit

  • “GRENADE!"

Seeing MolotovEdit

  • “Molotovs here!"
  • “Molotovs over here!"

Taking MolotovEdit

  • "Grabbing a molotov."

Throwing MolotovEdit

  • "GRENADE!"

Finding Ammo PileEdit

  • “Ammo here!"

Finding Weapon(s)Edit

  • “Weapons!"
  • “Weapons over here!"

Taking PistolEdit

  • "Grabbing an extra pistol."

Taking Submachine GunEdit

  • "Oh, MAN! This is just like Counter-Strike!"

Taking Assault RifleEdit

  • "This rifle is MINE!"
  • "Oh HELL yes!"
  • "This big rifle is now MINE!"

Seeing MinigunEdit

  • "Now *this* is a big-ass machine gun!"
  • “I always wanted to fire one of these!"

Taking ShotgunEdit

  • "Oh, I'm grabbin' a shotgun!"
  • "Got the shotgun."
  • "I'll take this shotgun."

Taking Hunting RifleEdit

  • “This is a nice rifle."


  • [ When picking up a crowbar ] "Man, I feel like I'm Gordon Freeman!"

Infected relatedEdit


  • [ Spotting a Boomer ] "BOOMER!"


  • [ When Hunter is in area ] "Careful now. There's a Hunter around."
  • [ When pinned down by a Hunter ] "Ahhh! Get off me! Get it off me!"
  • [ Spotting a Hunter ] "HUNTER!"
  • [ Hunter pounces survivor ] "Hunter on Zoey/Bill/Francis!"


  • [ Being pulled by Smoker ] "No, no, NO , NOOOOOO!!!"
  • [ Being pulled by Smoker ] "Help!"
  • [ Spotting a Smoker ] "SMOKER!"


  • [ Spotting Tank ] "TANK!"


  • [ Hearing Witch ] "There's a witch around here!"
  • [ Responding to an angry Witch ] "That Witch ain't gonna hold still much longer!"
  • [ Responding to an angry Witch ] "Stop freaking out the damn Witch!"
  • [ Responding to an angry Witch ] "Will you stop that shit? The witch ain't gonna sit still much longer."


  • [ When Francis calls the Infected vampires ] "They're not vampires man they zombies!"
  • [ After alerting horde ] "Here they come!"
  • [ After alerting horde ] "They're coming!"
  • [ After alerting horde ] "Incoming!"

Killing Special InfectedEdit

  • “Got it!"
  • “Dead!"

Another Survivor Kills Special InfectedEdit

  • "POW!"
  • "Nice shot!"
  • "Great shot!"
  • "That was great!"

Level SpecificEdit

No MercyEdit

  • [ Upon reaching the street in the apartments ] "Subway station's just around the corner!"
  • [ Upon entering the sewers ] "This is not going to be sanitary..."
  • "Well into the sewers we go"
  • [ When climbing up the stairs in Mercy Hospital ] "Were they saving people or killing them?"
  • "This doesn't smell like a hospital..."
  • [ In response to Bill's hatred of stairs ] "It's good for you, Bill! Cardio!"
  • "Stairs are a good workout!"

Crash CourseEdit

  • [ Before starting the Crescendo Event on The Alleys ] "Someone's gotta fire this big ass machine gun."
  • [ Upon seeing the pilot's corpse ] "Poor guy. He tried to help us."
  • [ At the start of Crash Course ] "I've got a bad feeling about this...Oh, it passed. I think we're gonna be just fine."
  • [ At the start of Crash Course ] Francis: "Hey Louie, Why are you still wearing that tie? Got a meeting to go to? HAH!"
    • Louis: "Yeah that's funny Francis, why don't you take your little mustache, and your vest and find yourself a parade?"
      • Francis: "I don't see whats wrong with vests..."
  • [ When starting the generator ] "C'mon, c'mon, you damn generator, start!"
  • [ When coming across an alley in Truck Depot Finale ] "Hey Francis, wasn't this the alley you were born in?"
    • Francis: "Yeah, hahaha. Is this the one you're gonna die in?"
  • “Team building exercise every Tuesday. Man, they ought to try this zombie bullshit."
  • “Well I guess we're walking."
    • Francis: "I hate walking."
      • Louis: "But five minutes ago, you hated flying."
        • Francis: "And it turns out I was right about that."
  • “On the bright, look at all the great scenery we would've missed if we flew over this in a helicopter, huh."
  • [ Upon seeing a magazine rack ]"Wall Street Weekly. There's no more Wall Street Weekly. Damn!"
  • “So I'm thinking, either we're immune from all this or we're getting real lucky.
  • [ When he sees the Recycling factory ]"We get out of this alive, I can't wait to have to recycle shit again."
  • [ When coming across a sign that says For Lease ] Francis: "For Lease. Anybody got a pen? I wanna write this number down".
  • [ Alternate line ] Francis: "For Lease".
    • Louis: "I'd be damned, Francis! When'd you learn to read?"

Death TollEdit

The TurnpikeEdit

  • “Let's get up that ladder!"
  • [ In car-clogged tunnel ] "I don't like this one damn bit."

The DrainsEdit

  • "This must be the sewer drainage pipes"
    • Francis: "How the hell do you know that?"
      • Louis: "Interesting true story: In 1975, the local township d-"
        • Francis: "You know what? I just found out I don't care! Lead on."
  • "We have to lower that platform!"
  • "That'll seal the lock."

The ChurchEdit

  • [ At train yard exit ] "We can cross up here."
  • [ On road ] "Almost to Riverside."
  • “Church still got its lights on."
  • [ During "Church Guy" Scene ] "Mister, if one of us gets killed out here, I'm gonna shoot my way in there and beat you to death with my gun!"
  • "Sir, PLEASE! We're not infected!"

The TownEdit

  • "If you ignore the crazy guy and the zombies, nice town."
  • "If we get to the river, we can find a boat."
  • "Goddamn it, there's gotta be some place that held out."

Boathouse FinaleEdit

  • [ After exiting first house ] "Careful, this is wide open."

Dead AirEdit

  • [ Noticing the ruined city in The Greenhouse ] "Man, this will take forever to rebuild."
  • [ Leaving Safe house in The Terminal ] "They really trashed this place."
  • [ When plane crashes on the runway ] "Holy shit!"

Blood HarvestEdit

  • [ Talking to the soldier via radio ] "We're good to go, sir."

The SacrificeEdit

Intro Edit

  • "Military jail, a train ride, and now... back to walking?"
  • "Hey, Bill! Look, there's a boat! Hell, there's boats everywhere."
  • "I think she's mad at Bill." (Referring to Zoey)
  • "No shit, Sherlock. I'm pissed too!"
  • "We GOTTA be getting close to the Gulf. I can almost smell the salt water."
  • "I got a good feeling about this island."
  • "Zoey, come on. We have to work together."
  • "Francis am I alone in hating boats?"

The Docks Edit

[ Approaching traincar with Tank inside ]

  • "Man, a tank in a train."
  • "Only way is through this car."

[ Opening train door with Tank inside ]

  • "You all sure no one else doesn't want to open this door?"
  • "I'll open this, but I'm not going to be happy."
  • "Get ready, I don't have a good feeling about this."
  • "Stay positive guys, we can handle this."
  • "Man, why am I always opening these things?"

[ Inside Tank's traincar ]

  • "Hey Francis what do they make at the tank factory?"
  • "Tanks on a train."
  • "Ewww! This is some gross ass shit."

The Barge Edit

[ Safe Room ]

  • [ Translating the Japanese graffiti ] "Let me see...uh...Taki...I love you...Goodbye."
    • [ In response to Francis asking how he did that ] "I interned in Tokyo."
      • [ In response to Francis asking how to say "Bill's an idiot" ] “Bill-san, baka desu."
        • [ In response to Francis complimenting him ] “Francis, baka desho."
  • "We're gonna find that sail boat right around the corner. You just watch."
  • "Thinking positive got me where I am, Francis."
  • "Even if it does go back to normal, they're not lettin' us back in. I think this island's the only chance we got."
  • [ in joking response to Francis's insinuations that Louis could be a serial killer ] "I can't wait to wear your skin as a pretty dress, Francis"

[ Climbing the gravel hill ]

  • "I can barely make it up here!"
  • "Pile of crap here."
  • "Gravel here!"
  • "This is like running in place."
  • "Lookout! Crows!"
  • "Ahhh... dammit... the crows are bringin' the zombies!"

Port Finale Edit

[ Safe Room ]

  • "Never thought I'd be happy to be heading to a deserted island."
  • "You know what I miss? Checking email. Seeing what's new."
  • "One thing I'm not gonna miss about civilization? I.T. I will never have to tell another human being to reboot their damn computer."
    • "But you know, as long as I have a Molotov I can make a firewall!"
      • "Get it Francis? A firewall?"
  • "Hey, Zoey. We're actually headed to an island. Top ten desert island movies. Go."
  • "No more internet, no more Xbox, no more nothing..."
  • "So... once we're on a boat... can zombies swim?"
  • "Bill, when we get to the keys, you got an island in mind?"
  • "Punk ass island bitch better watch yourself once Louis and Francis on the case."

[ Bridge available ]

  • "We did it! To the bridge!"
  • "Get to the bridge!"

[ Bridge stopped ]

  • "Oh shit! The bridge stopped!"
  • "The bridge stopped!"

[ When sacrificing himself ]

  • "Stay there, don't worry about me none!"
  • "I'll handle this! Cover me!"
  • "Good luck you guys! I got this."
  • "I'm gonna miss you guys!"
  • "Don't worry, I'll be fine! Stay there!"
  • "I swear to god I'm coming back!"
  • "Stay there! I'll be back in two minutes!"
  • "I love you guys!"
  • "If I go down, don't come after me!"
  • "Hey guys? Remember when I said don't come after me? I was kidding, can someone come get me? HELP!!!!"

[ Francis sacrifices himself ]

  • "Thanks Francis!"
  • "I'm gonna... I'm gonna miss that guy."
  • "FRANCIS!"

[ Zoey sacrifices herself ]

  • "Oh my god! Zoey!"
  • "Zoey! You saved us!"
  • "Ah Damnit, Zoey's dead!"
  • "Not Zoey!"

[ Bill sacrifices himself ]

  • "Bill! Bill! You saved us!"
  • "No! We're gonna leave him behind!"
  • "Bill! Goddamnit, I'm going to miss you!"
  • "Bill! Bill! You can't be dead! You can't be."

The PassingEdit


  • “You're right, Francis. He's not friendly. I think Bill would have shot him by now."

The PortEdit

  • "I'm gonna miss them. It was nice to see some normal people again."
    • Zoey: Don't worry, they won't be the last.
  • [ As the new Survivors are leaving ] "I'm gonna miss those guys."
  • [ As the new Survivors are leaving ] "I'm gonna miss them. It was nice to see some other normal people for once...except that Nick guy."
  • [ As the new Survivors are leaving ] "I think we're gonna see more of that guy."
  • "Bye Coach! Keep it positive!"
  • I know you're gonna make it to New Orleans, Ellis! Go, Ellis, go!"
  • "I got a good feeling about them...I think they're gonna be ok!"
  • "Bye Coach! Bye Ro! Bye Ellis! Bye...what's your name."
  • "Man, I feel like I'm Gordon Freeman!"
  • "I heard there's a military base just south of here."
  • "Zombies are driving trucks?"
  • [ After killing a Tank, said two different ways ] " for Bill!"

Friendly FireEdit

  • [ When shot ] "Do I look like one of them?"
  • "Hey man, that hurt!"
  • "Ow, man! Ow! Why you shootin' me?!"
  • "Watch where you're shooting!"
  • "Oh, what the hell? Why you shootin' me?!"
  • "Ah! Will you knock it off?"
  • "Whoa, whoa! Hey! Don't shoot, don't shoot me!"
  • "OOOW!! Mother—"
  • "Look at my face! Do I look like them?"
  • "Ow, would you knock it off?!"
  • "Hey man, that's not cool."
  • "Man, what the hell? Quit shooting me!"
  • "You know I'd appreciate it if you'd STOP SHOOTING ME!"
  • "I will shoot you back next time."
  • "Whoa, whoa! Don't shoot it's me!"
  • [ When shot by Zoey ] "You gotta stop that shit, Zoey!"
  • [ When shot by Bill ]
    • "Old man, stop shooting me!"
    • "Whoah whoah whoah! Jesus, Bill, what are you doing?!"
    • "William, come on man."
    • "Watch it, Bill!"
  • [ If shot again ] "I cannot believe you shot me again!"
  • [ When shot by Francis ]
    • "Francis, that's my ASS you're shooting!"
    • "FRANCIS! What the hell is wrong with you?!"
    • "Go on! Do it one more time, fat man!"

Cut lines Edit

No Mercy Edit

  • [ Intro ] "I used to take the subway to Mercy Hospital. Grab the red line, a transfer, and two stops. When this gets back to normal, I'm never gonna complain about that transfer again."
  • "Can't this thing move any faster?"
  • "Man, you CANNOT give up."
  • "Should be around here."
  • "Man, why'd you shoot the car?!"
  • "Don't shoot the car!"
  • "Man, I pressed the button!"
  • "I'll call the elevator."
  • "Get ready, I called the elevator."
  • "Get ready, I pressed the elevator.

Death Toll Edit

  • [ Intro ] "Me and my family used to go camping down by the lake. That's where we were heading...only, it wasn't Momma's cookin' waiting for us at the end of this trip."
  • "But we heard gunshots less than an hour ago! There's GOTTA be someone left!"
  • "Is he paddling the boat in with his damn hands?"
  • "Gunfire means people. We gotta hurry!"
  • "We have to get across the bridge!"
  • "Wow! That was cool... Oh wait, how do we get across?"
  • "Now that's a damn fireball!"
  • "We have to find another way."
  • "Hit the button."
  • "Riverside! The military's dug in there! Shipping out refugees."
  • "Riverside! At least we're going the right way."
  • "Hey, Hartford Mining! This should take us to Riverside!"
  • "They shoulda kept movin'..."
  • "We have to lower that platform!"
  • "I don't think getting to Riverside helped."
  • "This shit seemed cooler in movies."
  • "Graveyards used to spook me a little."
  • "There I was wishin' I was in Riverside."
  • "Well, looks like we ain't gonna find any help in Riverside."
  • "I could see coming back here once this is over."
  • "Does anybody know what the hell he's talking about?"
  • "I'm getting a seriously bad vibe off this guy."
  • "Anyone else sick of arguing with the lunatic?"
  • "I think I'd rather take my chances with this guy than die on the shore."
  • "Dunno if I trust him. Guess we ain't got much of a choice, though."
  • "Boat man, get your fat ass over here."

Dead Air Edit

  • [ Intro ] "We were gonna take the roof tops to the airport. It was supposed to be about a mile to the terminal. Longest damn mile of my life."
  • "Terry's dead. How can we help?"
  • "We ain't Terry, man. You need refuelin', right?"
  • "I'm a little scared, never been in a plane before."
  • "Hey! If we refuel you, can you fly us out of here?"
  • "You're a pilot? Can you fly us out?"
  • "I see it. Give us a second to get ready."
  • "I see the button. Give us a minute to get ready."

Blood Harvest Edit

  • [ Intro ] "We started out on a hill top. Far as I was concerned, that's where we should've stayed. Instead, we headed to a farm house on the bad side of the tracks. Nowadays, though, I guess it's all on the bad side of the tracks."
  • "Yes! My God, yes! You didn't get me, did you? No you did not! Louis beat all your asses!"
  • "I have no idea how this is going to work."
  • "Never thought I'd say it, but I miss the city."
  • "We. Are. SAVED!
  • "We got four immune here!"
  • "I am alive! You hear that? I am breathing and it feels good!"

Miscellaneous Edit

  • "You do those tattoos yourself, Francis? It'd explain all the misspellings."
  • "When this is over with? I'm buyin' all three of you mansions."
  • "Bill, would you please say one positive thing before I shoot you?"
  • "You were born a crusty old bastard, weren't you, Bill?"
  • "Can zombies swim?"
  • "I had a nice house before this. A 401k... Dammit! I had a really nice 401k!"
  • "Man, I do wish I'd bought stock in ammo manufacturers now."
  • "Look at the bright side: overpopulation? Bad economy? All fixed now."
  • "When things go back to normal, Zoey, Bill - I'm giving you both jobs. Francis, I'll help you sign your fat ass back up on welfare."
  • "Oh no, I'm straight."
  • "Francis, you gotta lighten up, buddy."
  • "Stay frosty."
  • "Francis, don't hate me for being beautiful."
  • "Cocked and locked. Let's show these things how we cure infection."
  • "Think of it like this, Bill: How could it get any worse?"
  • "Yeah, yeah, there you go!"
  • "ZOMBIES. Say it, Francis."
  • "How many damn times are you gonna shoot me?"
  • "Fat man, what the HELL is wrong with you?"
  • "Zoey, you know you're shooting me, right?"
  • "Ow! I ain't damn bulletproof."
  • "Man, I hope I never get on your bad side."
  • "There's something over there."
  • "There is definitely something over there."
  • "Kilt your bitch ass. Bitch."
  • "Sit yer steroid ass down, bitch."
  • "Yeah, yeah, Louis just shot yer bitch ass."
  • "How you like that? Funky-ass bitch."
  • "Punk-ass bitch."
  • "Oh it's BITCH apocalypse now, bitch."
  • "When all this is over, you think they'll call us heroes? We are savin' humanity, right? I mean, a very small, four-person chunk of it, but still."
  • "Yeah, I won. Yeah, yeah."
  • "Hoody-ass bitch."
  • "Funky-smellin' bitch."
  • "Set yer bitch ass on fire!"
  • "I don't know, this shit look real jerry-rigged."
  • "Are you out of your damn mind!"
  • "What the hell was that?"
  • "Did you hear that?"
  • "Are you seeing this?"
  • "Oh come the hell on."
  • "Zombies might have done us a favor, really. Think about it. We get to start over now."
  • "My last life? District IT manager at Fischer Platt. Not good practice for zombie killing, you know?"
  • "Folks I was with before you three, wouldn't keep movin'. Figured they could wait it out. They couldn't."
  • "I think I just discovered a cure for infection. Lead."
  • "Infected or not - they don't like bullets."
  • "Smile when it hurts the most. That's my philosophy."
  • "Winning isn't everything. Wantin' to win is."
  • "We'll beat 'em 'cause we're better than them. Period."
  • "Humanity ain't beat, it's just takin' a breather."
  • "We'll be laughin' about it when we get to the other side."
  • "Even I can't make lemonade out of this shit."
  • "I guess I'm just a glass-half-full guy."
  • "Ahhh, probably for the best."
  • "Alright, that makes us even."

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