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The wiki about the co-operative survival horror/shooter games Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 that anyone can edit. As our purpose is to provide complete detailed information, some pages may contain spoilers.

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Tuesday June 28, 2016

An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2. - Fixed an issue on some MacBook Pro models that prevented the game from rendering correctly, resulting in a blank or white screen with game running in the background. This fix required a change to the minimum spec from MacOS 10.6.4 to MacOS 10.7 (Lion) or higher, which matches Steam's minimum spec.

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Featured Custom Campaign

"The city is burning, and the survivors attempt to flee to a small military airfield on the other side of the river. It's a straight path down the main boulevard, but nothing is ever simple. Crashed cars, blazing fires, police barricades, and the city itself all stand in their way."

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Opening substance
"Ain't seen anything like this before."

The Green Flu, commonly referred to as The Infection, is the name given to an unknown virus that has caused most humans who come in contact with it to change into homicidal, zombie-like beings known as the Infected. It seems to be a rabies-like pathogen, and CEDA's designation of the virus as a form of influenza appears to be nothing more than a cover-up to avoid mass panic. Graffiti reading "Not a Flu" can be found throughout Left 4 Dead 2, meaning that the deception has failed. Promotional materials from multiple sources state that the virus is a mutated strain of the rabies virus. There has been much speculation as to the cause of the infection, or whether or not its origin will even have any relevance in the plot of the game. In terms of containment, The Green Flu is likely a bio-hazard level 4 organism. (more...)

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Old l4d survivors

The Survivors of Left 4 Dead in their early design stages. Check out Valve's blog about their original design here.


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Compilation of beta gameplay footage of Left 4 Dead
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