The Left 4 Dead Movie

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Daniele Bellucci, Marco Tudini
Bryan Schulz
Stefania Fiorese
Pröjekt F
Release Date
10th September 2016

Left 4 Dead - The Movie is a nonprofit, fan-made movie, based on the hit videogame by Valve. On the 10th of September 2016, it was completed and uploaded to YouTube for public viewing. It can be watched here.

The cast includes:

  • Roberto Verrocchi as Bill (voiced by Bob Singer)
  • Samuel Umai as Louis
  • Marco Rea as Francis
  • Silvia Quondam as Zoey (voiced by Mel Heflin)

The credits includes:

  • Directed by Daniele Bellucci and Marco Tudini
  • Original Screenplay ― Bryan Schulz
  • Original Music ― Pröjekt F
  • Music Supervision ― Jonh M. Miller
  • Sound Design ― Hotelsinus Sound
  • Design Sound Effects Supervisor ― Zizics Fanta Làszlò
  • Art Director ― Marco Tudini
  • Editing ― Daniele Bellucci
  • Director of Photography ― Adriano Muraca
  • Camera Operator and First Assistant Director ― Daniele Starnoni
  • Production Designer ― Stefania Fiorese
  • Visual Effects Supervisor ― Marco Tudini
  • 3D CGI Supervisor ― Ivan De Gregori
  • Special Make-Up Effects ― Francesco Fabiani
  • Storyboarding ― Marco Tudini
  • Executive Producers ― Daniele Bellucci and Marco Tudini

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