Left 4 Dead: Survivors (LEFT 4 DEAD 生存者たち) also know as Left 4 Dead: Arcade (L4DAC) is a Japanese version of Left 4 Dead 2 redesigned for Japanese arcades, featuring an entirely new cast of survivors. The game still takes place in the United States featuring the same scenarios from Left 4 Dead 2, but the characters are seemingly designed to appeal to the Japanese audience.

The game utilizes Nesica.Net enabling online play and in-game items that can be purchased with GZ Money (in game points gathered by playing and collecting money bags) to get special items, costumes and clothing, and weapons.



The characters (from left to right): Kudo, Haruka, Kirishima, and Blake

  • Kudo Yusuke (Voiced by Kijima Ryuichi)
    "Japanese university student. Zombies appeared in the place where he was enjoying his long-sought trip to America.“
  • Haruka Hirose (Voiced by Sakura Ayane)
    "High school student in Japan, she belongs to the art club. Feeling kindly, she spent the day-to-day peacefully.“
  • Blake Jordan (Voiced by Takahashi Hidenori)
    "Bartender working in the hotel lounge. He used to be a member of the army.“
  • Kirishima Sara (Voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki)
    "Travel favorite tour guide. Her father is Japanese and her mother is American. While she is having a trip guiding school students of Japan in the United States, the zombie outbreak occurs.”


Stage 1: Dead Center

Stage 2: Dark Carnival

Stage 3: Swamp Fever

Stage 4: Hard Rain

Stage 5: The Parish

Stage 6: The Passing

Stage 7: Cold Stream

Stage 8: No Mercy

Stage 9: Death Toll

Stage 10: Dead Air

Stage 11: Blood Harvest

Stage 12: Crash Course

Stage 13: The Sacrifice


  • The cast are completely different despite taking place in previous locations seen in Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.
  • Maps have minor edits making them more linear due to the game's time limit.
  • As of the later version, new items and functionalities have been introduced to the game to make the game more challenging and rewarding:
    • There are leaderboards for the game which can be accessed in the mobile site.
    • There are ZG points money bags that can be collected in the game, which can be later used for customization via the official site on mobile.
    • SVP Points are converted into ZG at the end of each game.
    • You can buy special items and costumes with ZG points for each character, a feature that didn't exist in the two games.
    • New weapons can be purchased with ZG Points.


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