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Ihatemountains 01
Chapter 1
Lost in the Woods
Campaign I Hate Mountains
Creator NykO18, Moroes, and Kane
I Hate Mountains Chapter Chronology
Chapter 1
Lost in the Woods
Chapter 2
Climbing the Manor

Lost in the Woods is the first chapter of the custom campaign I Hate Mountains. It appears to take place after the events of Crash Course due to it having the crashed truck from its finale, suggesting that the Survivors traveled up to Canada to escape the infection. They have to travel along the optional scenic paths through the forests of Canada, passing ponds and shacks.

Gameplay Edit

Crescendo Event:Edit

Survivor Tips:Edit

Versus Tips: Edit

The Smoker: The darkened forests and hillsides are the areas to concentrate on ensnaring your prey. Hide between trees and behind fences to reduce the Survivors hits on you. Hiding under the bridge by the pond and smoking a player off it is an excellent way of delaying their team.

The Hunter: Pick off the stragglers and team up with a Smoker, protecting him by pouncing a rescuer coming to the aid of a constricted Survivor.

The Boomer: The rock falls and trees make excellent cover for ambushes, try to stick to the enclosed and tightly packed areas surprising the Survivors enough to force at least one to make that dreadful mistake and shoot you!

The Tank:


  • Some graffiti on the side of a truck makes reference to Chicago Ted's notorious ability to survive with "Chicago Ted isn't Immune, he was just never bitten".
  • This campaign starts out with the Survivors by what seems to be the armored truck from Crash Course, suggesting that this campaign occurs immediately after that one chronologically.
  • At the start of the campaign, there are two separate paths that go in opposite directions. However, they both end up at the same safe house.
  • The first chapter's name, Lost in the Woods, may be a reference to the Lost Woods, a location that can be found in the Legend of Zelda series.

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