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Ihatemountains 02
Chapter 2
Climbing the Manor
Campaign I Hate Mountains
Creator NykO18, Moroes, and Kane
I Hate Mountains Chapter Chronology
Chapter 1
Lost in the Woods
Chapter 2
Climbing the Manor
Chapter 3
The Underground Way

Climbing the Manor is the second part of the custom campaign I Hate Mountains. It sees the Survivors battling their way through the maze of rooms in a derelict manor house to the top, where flares are lit contacting a helicopter. The Survivors then have to run down to the helipad only to witness the chopper being overrun by infected before spinning wildly out of control and crashing, leaving a way to the safe room.

Gameplay Edit

Crescendo Event: Edit

The Crescendo Event in this level takes place at the top of the manor. When the Survivors arrive at the top of the manor, they find a radio and see flares by a window. The man on the radio is a helicopter pilot and he says the he can pick them up, but he can only find the manor if the flares are activated. Once lit, the flares will attract a Left 4 Dead 2-style Gauntlet Crescendo Event in that the Survivors have to fight the horde from the top of the manor to the helipad at the bottom. Along the way, the Survivors can periodically hear the pilot say he can't hold out much longer. When the first Survivor climbs top of the landing pad, the chopper suddenly starts to spin out of control and crashes into a nearby mausoleum, which opens a path to the safe room.

Strategy: Edit

Survivors: Edit

1.  Take the gas can found in the garage on the right and position it near the helipad where the Tank spawns later in the stanza. Ignite this gas can when he appears. Stand well back from the fallen tree trunk nearby to avoid being hit and incapacitated for he is likely to hit it in your direction as he advances on you.

2. A Baseball Bat often spawns just inside the front door to the left. Since the bug-out phase of this map involves fighting an endless stream of Infected on your way to the safe room in the church, it is a good idea to take this melee weapon as your secondary weapon. Search the manor for other melee weapons because they are invaluable for the finale. Ideally, such weapons should be part of every team member's arsenal by the time the radio is activated.

3. Pay particular attention to memorizing a navigation path around the manor's complex architecture.  You need to know how to get from the radio room in the tower to the front door as quickly as possible. For example, a good idea is to jump down to the ground floor through the collapsed bathroom rather than waste time taking the stairs you used on arrival.

4. The upstairs room below the radio tower has a table with tier 2 automatic weapons. It is highly recommended that all team members select an assault rifle or one of its variants.  You will need a lot of firepower in order to put the Tank down and to cut your way through the Crescendo horde to get to the safe room.

5. Beware that when playing with bots it is not unusual for one to become stuck back in the manor house on account of a navigation glitch. Should this happen, you should not attempt a rescue but do your best to get to the safe room, survive and thus avoid having to start this long map all over again. Companion bots will go back to help but, in the worst case, they will all be overcome and die.  Close the safe room door, end the chapter and allow them to respawn.

6. While inside of the manor, hordes and Special Infected will not spawn unless you turn on the jukebox in the dining hall, giving the Survivors time to explore all of the rooms of the manor before signaling the chopper. Once you have tampered with the jukebox, the Director will carry on as normal (spawning Special Infected and the usual hordes).

7. As always with Crescendo Events, speed is of the essence and your team should resist the getting bogged down by overwhelming numbers of enemies. For example, there is little point manning a Minigun inside the manor since doing so leaves you immobile, and therefore unable to complete the gauntlet.

8. The Tank only spawns once a Survivor runs up onto the helipad and approaches the helicopter. It is highly recommended that only one player sprints up onto the helipad whilst team mates stay back in the open space in front of the manor. Once the helicopter takes off and the Tank appears, the first player should jump off the side of the helipad and join the rest of the team in taking down the Tank with gunfire and the assistance of the gas can mentioned above.

9. Once the Tank is dead, the team must stick together and push their way into the face of the Crescendo horde surging out of the church. Melee weapons are invaluable at this juncture to carve a path to safety. Since the safe room is very close and enemies are coming at you thick and fast at close range, players should not worry too much about getting hurt. For example, running through, and not away from, Spitter goo should be an instinctive response. As always, if a player's health is marginal after fighting the Tank, that person must not hesitate to use Adrenaline or Pills to get through the final 60 to 90 seconds.


The Smoker: Edit

  • You are a vital asset to your team in the Crescendo Event. Picking off the straggler at the back from behind forces the Survivors to backtrack, thus slowing them down enough for a fresh wave of Infected to spawn.
  • There are many broken holes in walls you can sneak through. Remember during a horde, the Survivors' attention will be on surviving the waves of Common Infected; use them as a distraction and pick off the person taking up the rear.
  • A good pull from above during a mob will ensure panic from the Survivors, as they will be unable to kill you outright, and will be ever wary of your presence, causing them to be slower and check everywhere (or, more advantageous for you, rush ahead without checking behind them, setting themselves up for someone to get snagged by you).
  • Pulling a Survivor off the open roof area is a perfect way to keep them from moving forward; it may even force them to go right back down to the ground floor.

The Hunter: Edit

  • Similar to the Smoker, use the oncoming horde from the Crescendo Event to pick off a straggler.
  • When a Survivor has been biled on, try to pick off anyone who escaped the puke; odds are his teammates will not be able to see you.
  • If anyone rushes ahead at the Crescendo, you can obviously teach them a hard lesson.
  • The mansion itself is a fantastic location to get high damage pounces from. Even indoors, pouncing from floors and holes in the ceiling can get you 10-plus damage if done correctly.

The Boomer:Edit

  • The vast majority of this level is indoors. Perfect for you.
  • The many holes in the ceiling, walls, and floors gives you virtually infinite possibilities to cover the Survivors in bile.


  • Graffiti on the inside of the mansion reference Chicago Ted ("The Witch cries because she knows Chicago Ted is coming"), 28 Days Later ([1]), and Francis' belief that the Infected are vampires ([2]).
  • The Crescendo Event in this chapter is unique in that it's a Left 4 Dead 2-style rolling Crescendo, where you need to reach the helipad on the ground in front of the house after climbing all the way up the manor and starting it.
  • When inside the house, the "hurry-up" horde and the Special Infected are not send due to the whole house itself is marked as a crescendo event area; Only some passive infected are found inside.
  • A Tank will ALWAYS appear next to the helipad. When the Helicopter arrives, which is why the Helicopter Pilot panicked and crashed it himself.

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