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Fort Harris County
Fort Harris County
State Texas
Campaigns Suicide Blitz
Suicide Blitz 2

Fort Harris County is a large city which is the venue for the entire Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 custom campaigns, Suicide Blitz and Suicide Blitz 2.


This city is very similar to Fairfield in that it is surrounded by an identical mountain range, covers a large area and is occupied with the usual mix of high-rise office, apartment and industrial buildings typical of such locations. Apartment buildings, storage warehouses, underground sewers, the Fort Harris County Police Station, a bowling alley, movie theater, and stadium are some key areas encountered when the Survivors visit Fort Harris County. Similar to the town of Rayford, the city also has a well known Riverwalk which causes a very vibrant nightlife to the city. Due to the large amount of restaurants located in the city, Fort Harris may also be known for its food and cuisine. Aperture Science also has a cooperative testing facility located in the city near the football stadium where they use the laboratories as a testing ground for subjects in logical problem solving.

Current StatusEdit

The city is completely overrun by the Infection as CEDA and the military failed to enforce quarantine measures to contain the outbreak. It seems that people are initially told to head to the Fort Harris County Stadium where they would be evacuated to a safe zone. The police force was tasked to take control of the stadium (as stated in the graffiti in the saferoom of The Law) and to help organise evacuation procedures. However, these arrangements broke down since either the police were themselves evacuated soon after arrival at the stadium or they succumbed to the infection which in turn, left the general public open to the uncontrolled Infection and its attendant panic and lawlessness.

It seems the CEDA along with the military tried to enter and retake the city (as seen in The Apartment as more military and CEDA gear can be seen with the new Survivors; however, all efforts failed resulting in more Infected individuals and the military ordering the city to be bombed.

Landmarks in Fort Harris CountyEdit


Left 4 DeadEdit

Left 4 Dead 2Edit


  • The same News Chopper from No Mercy is used in this campaign. The Lockheed C-130 Hercules (from Dead Air) also makes its appearance over the stadium when the rescue vehicle is summoned.
  • The campaign's author has placed explosive barrels taken from the Sacrifice DLC throughout the city.
  • Large and custom-made CEDA posters can be seen throughout both campaigns.
  • The Storage Shack company seen in the beginning of the campaign in The Apartment, is similar to the Self Storage company featured in Left 4 Dead.
  • Crazy Ron can be heard blowing the train horn throughout the city.
  • Fort Harris County's football team is called The Bandits and their home ground is at the Fort Harris County Stadium.
  • Suicide Blitz 2 takes place in the same city except it is seen late at night and during the day.
  • Some key lankmarks and locations are seen yet again by the new Survivors.
  • Coach has been to this city before as sometimes he will state he used to love the city as a kid.
    • However, this is also due to the author re-using the Survivors dialog for this custom campaign.
  • The author added the Aperture Science Laboratories (from Valve's Portal series) near the Fort Harris County Stadium which can only be accessed if a specific task is performed.
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